Special Treat: Live Mammoth Baloney

Like, there was this top-secret mission, see, and these Delta Force guys, they had to go into Siberia and the Russians, they didn’t know because it was secret, man, secret! And then the Delta Force guys, they seen these prehistoric woolly mammoths and shot this video, and then the video of this top-secret mission, it winds up on youtube…

But really–don’t I wish! Oh, I’d love to see a mammoth!

(Well, dude, you shoulda joined Delta Force, man…!)

4 comments on “Special Treat: Live Mammoth Baloney

  1. Those creatures have digestive systems that evolved through the ages to obtain essential nutrients just through snow as their food source! Honest, you gotta believe me!

  2. Oh how I wish it were true! The closest I ever got to a wooly mammoth was at a place in North Florida called Wakulla Springs. There’s a glass bottom boat ride you can take and since the water is crystal clear, you can see to the bottom – even where it’s 100 or more feet deep. At the bottom, near the mouth of the spring, are the bones of the wooly mammoth. A team from National Geographic actually had am expedition there in an attempt to find the source of the spring. In fact, I believe they tried twice, but to no avail. In any case, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful place. There have been several movies made there – The Creature From The Black Lagoon, Airport ’77 and Tarzan The tree that slopes out over the water where he stands to call to his animal friends is there – I’ve been on the riverboat ride that passes that very tree 🙂

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