Memory Lane: ‘Risk’

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Here was another rainy day favorite of my childhood–the game of Risk. Can you raise mighty armies, and conquer the world? This was your chance to try.

What strategy will you use? Will you try to nail down Australia, and spread out from there? It’ll be hard for the other players to attack you there, but you might get bottled up. Or will you set up in some central location, like Mongolia (my favorite!), and attack the weakest targets until all Asia grovels at your feet, and supplies you with the numbers needed to go after Europe?

It was also a fun way to learn geography. Where is the Risk player who doesn’t know where Kamchatka is? Which is not the same as knowing how to pronounce it! And gee, look at that: the Middle East gives you entry into Africa, Europe, or Asia, or even all three at once.

I know Risk is still around, but I don’t know who’s playing it. Patty and I have a game in our toy chest. Of course, to play it, you have to be able to concentrate for two hours at a stretch, and you have to be imaginative, with the ability to adapt your strategy to changing circumstances. I’m afraid that might be asking a bit too much of the Zombie Bloodbath video game crowd.

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  1. LOL! Linda beat me to the punch: Pogo has a great free version I play almost every day; if I get to go 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, I try to lock up North America and go from there: start by choosing Alaska, Greenland, and Central America, and leave NW Territory last, and build up forces in Alaska or Greenland to defeat, on the first go-’round, if you can, the original player who fills that space in. After that, go for Iceland, Kamchatka, and, eventually, all of South America (to Africa), building up forces there to keep North (& South) America safe.

    Lee — I love this blog, and I pray for your continued contributions to the exposing of the crazy liberal sicknesses ruining this country; may our gracious and glorious God continue to guide your writings, and may He continue to help us all and keep us safe! (–In Jesus’ Name, amen!)

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