NJ Dem: Hunt Republicans!

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So, you think Democrats aren’t serious about resorting to murder and insurrection to get their power back? Check this guy out–and what he’s been saying since one Democrat a few days ago shot up a group of Republican Congressmen.

This “strategist”–no one has elected him to anything–has Twitter thingies, #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen (http://newjersey.news12.com/story/35685172/democratic-consultant-unapologetic-for-hunt-republican-posts). Yes, he really digs the hunting metaphor.

And it’s okay to kill your political opponents, says he, because “we are at war with selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people.” As opposed to selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people like Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, the Clintons, and a host of others. But then liberalism is all about projection, isn’t it?

If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t see where this is headed, it’s time you had an eye exam.

Nothing good can happen to America as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.

4 comments on “NJ Dem: Hunt Republicans!

  1. It isn’t really a long step from “this (unborn) child shall die” to “this old (or incapacitated) person shall die” to “these people who get in my way shall die.” The leftist has always listened to the hissing temptation of the Old Serpent: “You shall be as gods….”

    Baal has returned.

    1. It’s my rule to believe bad people when they say they’re going to do bad things. At least they’ll try very hard to do them. Libs have been telling us who they are for years, but no one has taken them seriously. Just like no one took “Mein Kampf” seriously.

      How much more do we need to see, before we set about the now very difficult work of uprooting liberalism and casting it out of our culture?

  2. I agree Phoebe, especially with your last point. This is no longer a matter of political ideologies, it is a matter of worship. Baal, in general terms, applied to gods other than the Creator, and ultimately one either Creator, the One True God, or they worship something else, which ultimately means that worship ends up going to God’s opposer.

    As I see it, we are now seeing a war aimed at the worshippers of the Creator. The Republican Party is not synonymous with true worship, but is frequently thought of as the party most associated with Christians. but it is not nearly so simple as political affiliation.

    If we increase the scope to world events, we see that Christians and Jewish people are facing ever greater persecution in one place after another. In much of Europe, anti-semitism is rising swiftly. In the Mideast persons professing Christianity are being executed by some groups.

    It saddens me to see this country moving in the direction of anarchy. It grieves me to no end to see the rhetoric reach the levels of the last few months. My only hope is in my Creator.

  3. His insanity knows no bounds. How can he “hunt” republicans without the rifle he banned? Perhaps “trap” would be a better word.

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