Canada Criminalizes ‘Wrong Pronouns’

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All it needs now is “royal consent” from the House of Commons, and Canada will become the proud owner of a brand-new form of tyranny: punishing normal folks for using the wrong “gender pronouns” for people who don’t know what they are (

Fines, jail time, compulsory “sensitivity training”–these can now be yours! All you have to do is call a man “him” when he’d rather be called “her.” The new “crimes” have been tacked onto the Human Rights Code, by a vote of 67-11 in the Senate.

“Great news!” exults Canada’s neo-Stalinist prime minister, Justin Trudeau. He also has a thingy on his Twitter, “#LoveisLove,” whatever the devil that means.

Overheard in prison cell: “So what are you guys in for?” “Armed robbery.” “I stole a couple cars.” “Aggravated assault.” And then, “Well, me, I got 18 months for using the wrong gender pronoun.” Shocked silence descends upon the convicted criminals.

And the people of Canada just take it, as usual. Right on the chin. There’s no outrage the Left can impose on normal people that inspires opposition.

That’s the biggest mystery of all.

16 comments on “Canada Criminalizes ‘Wrong Pronouns’

  1. Oh my. I never heard anything about this until yesterday. Hard to complain about what we aren’t told about! May the Lord save us from ourselves!

    1. They’ve been pounding this into the population since 9/11 via the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act – both freedom-robbing ‘Acts’ which were already written prior to 9/11. I happened to see them on Newt Gingrich’s website beforehand or I would’ve wondered how a government that takes its sweet time in passing anything managed to get these passed, up and running so quickly. Yep. The public will fall for any freedom-robbing ruse if couched in the proper terms.

    2. The country changed drastically after 9/11, and many never seemed to notice. I have a very distinct recollection of that day, which I am sure most people over 30 years of age would share, but I never even began to imagine how profoundly things would change. Nowadays, acts of terror are so common that some people consider this the new state of normality. I will never share that opinion.

    3. The mere fact that they had these freedom-grabbing documents ready adds to the suspicion (which I agree with) that our government was at the very least complicit in that whole horror. God is watching!

    4. I have always utterly rejected the suggestion that the United States government was “complicit” in 9/11. And I’m pretty sure I always will.

    5. Very shortly after 9/11, I wrote an article predicting that the “gays” were really going to step it up a notch and never throttle back.
      I hate being right about stuff like that.

  2. I just wonder if it’s the predictable fruit of decades of liberal indoctrination. That’s where we’re headed in time, if we don’t smarten up. Horrifying.

    1. Our civilization has either solved or just given up on the real problems of life, and liberals now concentrate on idiotic made-up problems like Global Warming and “gender identification.” The great thing, for them, about imaginary problems is that they never go away! They are always there to provide inspiration for new government powers and new criminal laws.

    2. And “progressives,” by definition, always have to keep “progressing” somewhere. If they stop, they cease to be. So there always has to be some new goal, some new utopia, some new “evil” to correct, some new hysteria, some new … newness.

      Some might even say this is the ever-frustrated hunger of Hell.

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