A Glimmer of Hope… in Canada

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I just can’t face the regular news stories today. Looking around for something not so awful to report, I happened upon this–a National Post feature story on the Sisters of Life in Toronto, Canada (http://nationalpost.com/feature/rise-of-the-radical-nuns/wcm/ac7fce73-f820-4fe1-9c79-77684f6b23d3)–in the belly of the beast, as it were.

Sisters of Life is “one of the few highly orthodox orders” of nuns… and such orders “are on the rise.” They take four vows–poverty, chastity, obedience, and “to uphold the sacredness of life” by steadfastly opposing humanism’s deluxe fun pack of abortion, euthanasia, fooling around with the genetic code, etc. They also wear traditional blue habits.

One of the nuns put it very well: “As our culture seeks to exclude God, we are attracted by a radical response to God.”

My Aunt Betty was a nun, and a woman with an exceedingly interesting mind. I wish I could discuss this with her, but she passed away some years ago and missed a lot of the wretched experiments that are the hallmark of this age. Like, for instance, Toronto’s insane “sex education” curriculum and Canada’s newfangled legislation to force everybody to use ridiculous made-up pronouns.

The Sisters of Life aren’t buying it.

May the Lord our God give them strength and courage.

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  1. A glimmer of hope, indeed. How uplifting and refreshing. Thanks, Lee. And I echo your prayer for them.

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