Hooray! Progress!

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Okay! Thirteen chapters of The Temptation are written, typed, and ready to be sent to my editor, Susan. I have no idea how to do that anymore, but my wife does. Today she succeeded in sending edited articles, and they actually got there. It’ll take me a while to learn the new procedure.

Meanwhile, Book No. 10, The Silver Trumpet, has gone through its first cycle of editing–my copy editor’s name is Kathy, and she’s great–and is waiting for me to go over it. We need cover art, a blurb, etc.

Now all we need is for Robbie, our cat, to start getting better. The medicinal ear gel is easy to administer, and we pray it will kick in soon.

For the time being, exhaustion is setting in…

7 comments on “Hooray! Progress!

  1. As I recall, it took about a week before the meds did their thing and it might take longer with ear gel, according to what the vet’ told me. The symptom which changed most rapidly was her ravenous appetite, which diminished by the end of one week. She also returned to a normal level of activity and was no longer hyper-active. The large volume of urine is apparently a permanent thing, even if the meds are working well.

    1. Thanks, I need to hear that!
      Right now Robbie is sitting up here with me, by the computer, purring whenever she gets kissed.

    2. I’m sure she’ll be fine. They tested my cat’s T4 levels about a month after we started the meds and verified that she was at a safe level.

  2. Hooray! Sounds like it’s been a productive day. And it sounds like you deserve a nap 🙂 Patience is a virtue, so I’ll continue waiting – patiently – for The Silver Trumpet, followed closely (we hope) by The Temptation.

    1. I could’ve used a nap, but instead went for a bike ride: mustn’t waste a beautiful day. I slept poorly last night, plagued with vexing dreams, and got up at 5:30 in the morning to give the cats some breakfast, so that Patty could sleep a bit later. I’ll pay for that this evening.

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