Is It Still Stupid If a Left-Wing Schmendrick Does It?

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JT doing yoga with some of his fans…

Left-wing dreamboat, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who just last week led the charge to make using the wrong pronoun an offense punishable by prison time, has himself committed the anti-feminist gaffe of “manspreading”–on the cover of a magazine, no less (

“What is… manspreading?” I hear you ask.

It’s when a man sits with his legs spread out, as if to advertise the usually easily discernible fact that he’s a man, instead of with his knees pressed primly together as feminists would prefer.

Dig the cover photo of JT on Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine. He gets away with imitating a man because his lib constituents don’t have any more of a clue than he does as to what a man is. It’s sort of like a clueless Presbyterian youth minister trying to be cool for the kids. Really, it’s embarrassing.

Now, if some non-liberal politician were to strike a pose like that, he would be accused of a hate crime and they’d all show up in their little pink hats to scream f-bombs and death threats at him. But because he’s looking to throw people in jail for not using whatever pronoun some wacked-out transgender kook demands, JT gets a pass.

You can always rely on them using a double standard. Or even a triple one.

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14 comments on “Is It Still Stupid If a Left-Wing Schmendrick Does It?

  1. The absurdity is hilarious! People are becoming more and more nonsensical every day.

    1. I think that they nailed it in the last sentence of the article: “Perhaps the “woke” Canadian prime minister cares more about virtue-signaling to his left-wing constituency than he cares about the religiously-mandated sadistic stoning of gay bodies.”

      There seems to be a fantasy that if everyone would just accept the liberal philosophy, somehow all of the problems would just disappear. Persons such as Trudeau are blissfully unaware of what they are dealing with. I suspect that the Left is projecting their feelings, mindset and values onto any and every-one whom oppose conservative values.

      Hillary thinks we just need to learn more about people from the Middle East and become familiar with their food, and then all will be well. I have my doubts.

    2. I somehow just can’t get too excited about Zuckerberg or Facebook. He’s becoming ever freer with his opinions of late, but that doesn’t make his opinions worth one thin dime. Why do people care what this guy thinks?

      Maybe he an Stephen Hawking should just send press releases to one another. That way they will each have someone willing to listen to their babble and the rest of us will be spared the experience. 🙂

    3. Indeed! 🙂

      Meanwhile, his-royal-pain, Mr. Z, is censoring what people say on FB – especially conservatives and Christians. What an intolerable ninny.

    4. “I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”
      Oh, well–who am I to get down on a former atheist who now claims to be a Christian? We can pray he gets better at it as he gains experience. That might be a good thing.
      Today the success of Organized Sodomy is owed to the most intensive propaganda/public relations campaign ever waged in human history. Imagine if all of that had been done for good, not evil.

    5. It’s not enough to hear the word, one must act upon it. I don’t claim to be able to read Zuckerberg’s heart or his intentions, but I would say that his advice about using Facebook as a church is self-serving, at the very least.

      If Mr. Zuckerberg truly is a disciple of Christ and a worshipper of the True God, that will become evident in his words and actions. I hope that his claim to Christianity is sincere and based upon sound information, not just the platitudes of some religious leader. Becoming a Christian requires taking in knowledge. John 17:3 ” . . . this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”. Not everyone saying Lord, Lord will find favor from the Christ. If such ones practice lawlessness, Jesus said that they would be repudiated.

      Mr. Zuckerberg, I wish you the best in your spiritual quest. I would suggest that you set your fertile mind to the task of studying the Bible and that you adopt the mindset of the Bereans whom examined the Scriptures daily in order to prove that what they were learning was indeed true. That advice, BTW, goes equally for everyone, including myself.

    6. I’m curious why so many lefties claim to be Christians when their actions say otherwise. Let’s see, there’s Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, etc. all claim to be a Christian. Who are they kidding exactly? Their religion is secular humanism. I’m not sure why they put on this dog and pony show. It’s certainly isn’t in vogue to be a Christian anymore like was when Christianity became the official religion of Rome. So what do they get out this charade?

    1. According to the Yiddish dictionary, a schmendrick is “a stupid person, especially an awkward and inept nonentity.”

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