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Chris Ortiz has written a Chalcedon editorial, Christian Reconstruction vs. “Social Justice Warriors” (, which highlights the need for, and the duty of Christians to proclaim “a clear message of the sovereignty of God against all forms of sovereignty sought by man.”

The importance of this message speaks for itself. Are we to live under the sovereign lordship of an almighty and all-righteous God, or under the cobbled-together pipe dreams of flawed, sinful, and self-deluded human beings?

If you’re having trouble making that choice, take another look at what’s going on in our streets and on our college campuses; and while you’re at it, bone up on 20th century history.

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  1. It is notable, that the founding of the United States was based upon the concept that our rights came from God, not from human authorities. The law of God is simple, reduced to two very simple commands by Jesus. Our God is One and we must love Him with our heart, soul, mind and strength. The second is love of neighbor as one loves themselves. If you give it a moment’s thought, these cover a lot of ground.

    It means that all we do, we do as whole-souled to God Himself. It sets a standard which challenges us to be at our best.

    If we treat others the way we would want to be treated, then a multitude of problems disappear. Would we want to be taken advantage of in a business transaction? Of course not! So we should conduct our business fairly no matter whom we are dealing with. No one would want their family fractured by adultery, so love of neighbor would not allow us to even think of doing such a thing. If we truly love our neighbor we will respect them as persons, respect their possessions and respect their dignity.

    The world around us is sinking rapidly into moral decay of every sort. We hear of gruesome torture and executions in the Middle East, frequently directed towards Christians. The situation in Syria seems to be coming to a climax as does the situation with North Korea. All of these situations have a common thread, they are all about human sovereignty. Every party involved feels that they are on the side of right, but the situations continue to deteriorate into badness. We need guidance beyond human reasoning.

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