Love Puts Up with a Lot

This husky, blamelessly trying to enjoy a nap on the couch, deserves applause for being sort of a poster-dog for I Corinthians 13. If love is truly longsuffering, then this is love. And the cat using the dog for a cushion looks startlingly like one of my cats.

There was a husky named Buttons in my neighborhood, back in the Bronze Age, who frequently slipped his chain and ran around biting people. The cat who tried to cozy up to Buttons would not be long for this world.

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    1. It’s a carry-over from kittenhood. When they’re nursing, they stimulate the milk flow from mama that way, and continue the process as sort of a comfort, I think.

    2. That makes sense. I know that virtually every cat I’ve had has done that, and sometimes to the point of being problematic. My little one has claws which do not entirely retract, so when she starts in, my skin pays a dear price.

    3. Take consolation in the fact that if she’s doing that, she’s very content and happy 🙂

    4. She is definitely a happy cat. At the moment, it’s 81 degrees outside and very humid. Indoors, it’s 77, but still very humid and uncomfortable. The A/C is earning its keep, in this weather.

      The cat, however, is spending most of her time directly under the ceiling fan, sometimes lying on her back with her feet pointing at the ceiling.

    5. I’m relatively certain that she isn’t a canary, but I should probably run that past Joe Collidge, because I might be a bigit for thinking there’s such a thing as reality and that there’s actually a difference between a bird and a cat.

    6. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but South Florida is nearly overrun with Muscovy Ducks. They’re in all neighborhoods and are very tame. One got into my cousin’s house one time and as he tried to chase it out of the house, it flew up onto one of the paddles of the ceiling fan (which was on at the time). It really was a hilarious sight! She finally came down, none the worse for wear.

      Muscovy Ducks are quite interesting creatures. They don’t quack like most ducks – they make a hissing sound instead. It’s not threatening in any way, it’s just their communication. They come running as soon as they see a person and will stand right in front of you hoping to be fed. Very tame, indeed.

    7. In an amazing coincidence, just before I checked my email, I had finished watching the “Duckumenrary”, a PBS show about ducks. Ducks, all ducks, are amazing creatures. They seem to posess a sense of destiny, they are ducks and that is their destined role in the world. I can just picture that Muscovy duck deciding that it has moved in and no human is going to change that.

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