the Gratest Idear ever!!!

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I amb alyaws pleazed when The smartest “peple in” The whorld thay agreee whith me!! Yiu shuld of seed my Moth Antenners thay stould strate Up wehn i heared “the” guy he oanes Fasce Book he sayed Thare shuld ouhght to Be “a”  Univarsel Garanteed Parsonal Freee Income!! I has ben sayin That “for” yeers!!!

Yiu see that “whay” no boddy thay “has got” to work becose Work it blows,, yiu know “whaht” i’m sayin and The Govvermint thay gives yiu A “pay check” evry weak and yiu can jist stay all chiled out And play viddo Games or studdy more Gender Studies!! or Evin do whaht nantsy Palosy she sayes and write Sympathys ful of Claspicle Musick!!! And mabe some grate Cow Boy Potery too! Or jist lay thare and Do Nothing at all and the Govvermint thay will stil Pay “yiu”!

Now only Biggits and Racists and Hatters thay are opoased to this and thay al shuld ouhght to Be throwed “in” Jale and aslo The Ressistiants # it got to overthrough Trumpt so We can “have” a Garinteed Univarsle Free Stuff Income rihght awway “and” aslo rihght “now” tooo!!

Hay yiu know whaht!? If no boddy have got to “work” than thay “Can” al go to Collidge and bee Interllecturals like me!!! Axcept we shuldnt let no christins in becose al thay Transphobbic Biggits!

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  1. And as the labor pool dries up, because there’s no incentive to work, the price of every service will increase, making that guaranteed minimum income worthless.

    1. Yep, I especially hate it when I go to the store and there’s a) nothing worth buying or b) it’s so insanely overpriced that it’s not worth messing with. 🙂

  2. Did Joe really say, “or Evin do whaht nantsy Palosy she sayes and write Sympathys ful of Claspicle Musick!!!”? Uh-oh. Doesn’t he know that claiming it’s good to write symphonies — as President Trump did in Warsaw — is raaaaacist? Just ask anyone at the NYTimes, CNN, or MSNBC.

    By the way, since I’ve just met Joe Collidge this year, can you tell me where he got his moth antennae? Or is he actually a moth? Or a transmoth who identifies as a moth? Or a transhuman ex-moth who identifies as a human? Or what?

    1. His antennae grew after he was shot full of moth hormones in an experimental effort to change his chromosomes from male to female. But all he got to show for it is antennae and a taste for gym socks.

    2. And his family threw him out – without even a hanky to munch on! I think it was Thanksgiving, wasn’t it Lee?

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