Alas for Britain

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Obviously posed… I think

By now most of you know about the little 5-year-old girl in Britain who set up a sidewalk lemonade stand–only to have the local government go all Starsky & Hutch on her about it (

But really, things are bad in the Mother Country and have been bad for a while.

Is Britain Finished? is a magazine article I wrote for Chalcedon some ten years ago ( In it you’ll read of some extraordinary incidents.

*Babies (yes, babies) accused of being racists.

*Man stopped by police for displaying the English flag on his car–in England.

*Four full-time police officers “investigating” a 9-year-old calling another child “gay” on the playground.

I don’t know how to lift the whole article onto the blog, so to read it you’ll have to click the link. I strongly recommend reading it.

Meanwhile, let’s not get all complacent about such off-the-wall things not happening here in our country–because they are. In Our Threatened Freedoms (edited by yours truly), R.J. Rushdoony collected dozens of incidents of government at all levels going completely mad. My favorite was the news report of a little boy Out West selling fishing worms that he dug up himself–with five full-time government agents assigned to “investigate” it.

Government isn’t drunk with power.

It’s absolutely crazed with power.

5 comments on “Alas for Britain

  1. It amazes me the number of police officers involved in such trivial matters. A couple of years ago, a drunk walked into a daycare center. He didn’t do much of anything, but the presence of a drunk adult in such a place is certainly deserving of attention. However, when they called the police, there were no officers available to respond. I can’t help but wonder if the practice of sending multiple officers to every dogfight isn’t leaving police departments understaffed.

    1. My money’s on the local donut shop. The police these days are not the protectors of society. They’re part of the wrecking ball. The woman they shot the other day in Minnesota is a perfect example. She called police and got killed for it. Not to mention the fact that the dimwit fired from inside the squad car from the passenger side, endangering his partner who was the driver! Outrageous!

    2. That Minneapolis situation shocked me. I’m familiar with the neighborhood, had a friend that lived nearby, and at least historically, it was a nice area. Unfortunately, Minneapolis has become burdened with a higher crime rate over the last 15-20 years. At the very best, I would opine that it was a trigger happy officer, but allegedly there have been a number of complaints about him in the past. The police chief resigned and they were calling for the mayor to do likewise.

      Minneapolis was at least tangential to my life for many years. I used to have a lot of family there and lived nearby for a time. It’s a real shame to see it fall to such a state.

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