Kats & Krime

Observe all these different cats stealing money. They have definitely been around humans too long. What they’ll spend it on is anybody’s guess.

Even more closely observe the silly hoser standing there filming the escapade. What’s so silly about that? Well, he just isn’t thinking, when he or she ought to be wondering, “Hmm, what does this cat get up to when I’m not here with my camera?”

Better find a safer place you keep your money, sport.

4 comments on “Kats & Krime

  1. This, along with other things I’ve observed have led me to conclude that cats seem to have a sense of when something is valuable to humans. They seem to know that money means something to us, and that makes it a perfect way to remind us who is really in charge (and it ain’t the humans). 🙂

  2. Clever kitties! Especially the one who wasn’t satisfied with a single dollar, but somehow managed to grab a whole wad of bills 🙂 Next they’ll be holding signs requesting a trip to the pet supermarket for treats!

  3. I suspect that these clips are of an ongoing game that the cats and their owners play. Note that in a few cases a human hand re-positions the money or a human voice or off-camera presence seems to be egging the cat on. The money may even be smeared with catnip or food to help the cats find it. Still funny to watch, though — albeit a bit dangerous, considering that the cats may decide to play the game even when the human isn’t around and doesn’t want the money played with. 🙂

    By the way, I haven’t had a chance to use the word “albeit” in a long time. Thanks for the opportunity!

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