Lying is a Habit

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Former presidential wannabe and snake oil billionaire Al Gore is still leading the Climbit Change movement, still making authoritative pronouncements, and still being believed by–well, at least by millions of Democrats and other kooks.

This is the guy who sez he invented the internet (while flunking out of divinity school). Who, in his presidential campaign, spoke tenderly of his mother singing “Look for the Union Label” to him as a lullaby–never mind he was a grown man when the song came out.

This is a man with a deeply ingrained habit of not telling the truth.

Here’s an Al Gore lie many of you have probably forgotten. He used to tell it a lot, until it was blown up for him in 1997: the claim that he and his wife, now his ex-wife, Tipper, were the inspiration for Erich Segal’s 1970 best-seller, Love Story. (

It was Segal himself who said Gore’s story was a lie. He knew Gore at Harvard, and admitted that he used Gore’s “controlling father,” U.S. Senator Al Gore Sr., as the model for his romantic hero’s “emotional baggage.” Other than that, Al Jr. was just plain lying. Segal’s revelation put the kibosh on that one.

Anyway, they’re all still out there selling Global Warming, Save The Planet by giving them vast, undreamed-of power over every nuance of human life on earth–and giving them lots and lots of our money, too.

And shame on anyone who believes them.

5 comments on “Lying is a Habit

  1. You just don’t get it, Lee. When Al says something, his words are so powerful that reality itself changes to make his utterances true. Of course the effect is short-lived and then reality catches up with him again, but by then, he’s off saying something else, quite possibly another statement which can be true only in an altered reality.

    All kidding aside, he seems to have a very flexible grip on reality. What astounds me is that anyone could take him seriously.

  2. Has there been, in recent history, a politician who was even remotely acquainted with the truth?

    Unknowable, your explanation is probably one of the best I’ve heard! “)

    1. Sadly, I’ve seen the same phenomena with spiritual leaders, whom may start out as sincere truth tellers, but slip into believing in themselves to the degree that they take their opinions as empirical truth.

    2. Meanwhile, we have a lot of highly-paid people with a lot of letters after their names teaching multitudes of students that there’s no such thing as truth.
      Not to mention a peer-reviewed “scientific” paper asserting that it’s okay to lie to the public, if that’s what it takes to get them to do what you want.

    3. I think they call that process manipulation, also known as mind control. They grab our youth in pubic schools, corrupt their young minds, pour in their lies, and ownership has been accomplished.

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