The Amazing Click Beetle

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with more of God’s stuff.

Cats and kids love these–click beetles: the “elater,” to crossword puzzle fans. When the beetle winds up on its back, which seems to happen often, it “clicks” straight up into the air in hopes of landing on its feet. They’ll keep trying till they get it right.

Their larvae are a pest, but the adult beetles are harmless and entertaining, if you like insect acrobatics.

Just another little detail of Creation…

4 comments on “The Amazing Click Beetle

  1. What an interesting little creature. When I saw the name, I thought we would hear it click (sort of like those old fashioned click toys), but this handy little trick it has for righting itself is very clever.

  2. That was interesting. Our Creator gave us some amazing creatures as con-inhabitants of this earth.

    The voice of the narrator in that clip was quite a treat for the ear. I love the western accent. I’ve been accused of having one myself, but only when I’m back east. When I’m out west I’m barely average, as western accents go.

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