An Invitation to Yoga

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My old alma mater, Rutgers University, has invited me to an alumni yoga class. They recommend I bring yoga pants, but I don’t think I have any.

Let’s see… how has Rutgers featured in the news lately? Some of you will remember these items from when I posted them on this blog.

There was the professor who had to be carted off by the cops when he raved, in front of his class, about his desire to kill white people. He’s white, by the way.

We had Rutgers students demanding that “trigger warnings” be pasted onto just about every book you can find. They were afraid The Great Gatsby might give them the horrors.

There was the Rutgers Student Guide that warned incoming freshmen that there’s no freedom of speech at Rutgers, so they’d just all better zip their lips. You never know when some innocent thing you say will turn out to be a microaggression.

And, if memory serves, Rutgers is one of those great universities pioneering in Beyonce Studies, for those whose tuition money really does just grow on trees.

You can probably guess what I say whenever they call me up to ask for a donation.

And I think I’ll pass on the alumni yoga class. I just don’t have the pants for it.

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  1. What I don’t understand is why is there no one in the government talking about whats going on at these colleges and universities? There is a serious problems on these campuses that are fostering an environment that sows seeds of discord against other groups of people and against the government. They are hotbeds for socialist and communist activity, and that includes the professors. The FBI is supposed to be monitoring this sort of stuff, but they have abandoned their post.

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