Kitten Playtime

Don’t you wish you could move like this! And if we could summon up this kind of joie de vivre on our own–well, hum baby!

The bed reminds me, though, of when Robbie and Peep were kittens. One day they seemed to disappear, and we couldn’t find them anywhere. Although I’d looked under the bed before, I gave it another try, this time with a flashlight–and was startled to be looking at a pair of little round heads with pointy ears… upside-down. For they had managed to burrow into the box spring and were now peering out of the hole they’d made to get in.

You never know what cats will do next.

10 comments on “Kitten Playtime

  1. One thing I love about cats is how they can make almost anything into a toy. Paper bag = cat toy. Broken off piece of a tortilla chip = cat toy. Deceased insect = cat toy. Shadow on the floor = cat toy. Shoelace of person walking by = cat toy. 🙂

    1. Also rubber band from store-bought broccoli = cat toy. And, speaking of food, string bean = cat toy.

  2. One of my cats did the same thing! I went looking and there he was – peeking upside down from the hole he’d made in the bottom of the box spring! I had to get creative and use garden fencing around the bottom of the bed for fear he would really get stuck in the springs! 🙂

    1. LOL! That was probably easier than what I did. No more hiding place 🙂

      Don’t you just love it when young kittens posture, managing to somehow jump straight up in the air while remaining sideways?!

  3. My mother used to say that cats have the ability to disappear into the fifth dimension until they get tired of watching you frantically searching for them, at which point they materialize in the middle of the room — or in the place where you first started looking for them.

    1. My kid brother did that once. We had the police and fire department looking for him. But he was in the living room all the time, sleeping behind a chair.

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