Stanford U. to Teach ‘Abolishing Whiteness’

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It’s getting harder and harder to report the news from colleges–because it makes less and less sense.

Stanford University has announced that it will hold a special seminar on “White Identity Politics” which will discuss, among other things, the possibility of “abolishing whiteness” (

See, get rid of whiteness and you get rid of inequality. And what is whiteness? It’s “the set of behaviors and outlooks associated with the racial category, white.” Or so the university spokesthing tells us.

What set of behaviors and outlooks might those be? They don’t tell us, but we can guess. What is “acting white”? Hmm… Studying hard to get good grades (instead of having them doled out to you unearned). Holding a job and actually showing up for work on time. Voting for someone for some reason other than his or her or its membership in some particular group, as in “Vote for Hillary because she’s a woman!” Getting married before having children, and staying married while you raise them. Stuff like that.

These are the behaviors and outlooks that college wallahs want to see abolished. After all, it’s soooo much easier to lord it over ignorant, immoral bastards dependent on the government for sustenance.

Again we must say: America’s university system has become harmful to the nation and urgently needs to be cut back. Way back, to about a tenth of its present size.

Or we could just let them go on teaching that you can get rid of inequality by getting rid of whiteness–or whatever other this-worldly, Godless, humanist magic formula they come up with.

Because the message behind every one of these utopian schemes is salvation not by God but by the hand of man–sinful, fallible, fearful, and very limited man. Liberalism is a false religion offering false hopes and a false salvation.

And our schools and colleges are its churches.

9 comments on “Stanford U. to Teach ‘Abolishing Whiteness’

  1. So in order to abolish whiteness, will all the white professors and administrators be fired? Or will all of them, white and non-white alike, have to give up their “white” values such as earning money (i.e., collecting their paychecks)?

    1. The funny thing about “equality” is that the only way a government can achieve it is to drag everybody down to the bottom. No government can make everybody rich, but any dictator worth his salt can impoverish a whole nation.

  2. The absurdity level can’t possibly get much higher – can it? Please say no! And in case anyone has yet to notice – nobody is actually ‘white’, In fact, I’m pretty sure ‘white’ people would look rather strange!

  3. My head hurts after reading this…must be my dang dreaded whiteness reaction. When will they label this racism. Can you imagine an entire college devising a way to stamp out blackness or all traits they felt belonged to any ethnic group. Racist. That’s what you call this.

    1. I’m hard pressed to remember a day in recent history where my head didn’t hurt from all the insanity surrounding us!

      And thewayonline, your cobbler looks scrumptious! 🙂

    2. Thank you it was delicious! My day started out reading an article in Teen Vougue that instructed 11-17 year old children to not forget the lube, condemns, and sex toys on their back to school lists…and it is winding down with this racist crock of crap. Jesus please come back. Please please please come back sooooonnnn.

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