A Horrabull Hait crime!!!

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Our hole Collidge “it” is in a Uprore to-day and whayt till i tel yiu Why,, yiu woont “beleave” It!!!

We has got a Statchoo of Pressadint Obamma on our campas and evry Boddy thay are sappozed to Bow down “to” it and sumtime Lasst Nihght some Biggit Hater thay putt one “of” Those MAGA hats on It!!!!!

Whell that persin thay has got “To” be burnted At “the” steak butt we didnt Know whoo didded it!! So we rote down the naimes “of” alll the Conserfatiffs and chrischins at the collidge and we has got a Girl she “looks” like Gretta Thunberg to ware a Blined Foled and pick “Out” the naime of the gillty Party and yiu can jist Immajin how axeyted we “wer” whenn we finded “out” “The” naime,, It was “Julia Child”!!!!!!

Now we doughnt know Whoo that “is” so to-nihght we “are” all goingto brake in to the Reggie-strar’s orfice and opin “up” The Fyles so we can Fined out whoo this it is and punnish her butt Good!!!

Som iddjit he sayed our Statchoo it is a Idle and a abombination butt he Stoped “saying” “that” wen we beet himb “Up” and maked himb go in to Sensertiffity Traning!!! and then we al bowded Down “to” the Statchoo and preyed!!!!

And that Julia Chiled she better run aweigh and not never Comb Back!!!

‘Give “The Obama Book of Days”‘ (2016)

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Sickening, wasn’t it?

Let’s not forget what we had to suck up for eight years. We don’t want anything like that again, do we?

Give ‘The Obama Book of Days’

Perhaps the most sickening feature of the Obama years was the unrestrained adulation poured on him by our free and independent nooze media and Hollywood. It was every bit as insane as the rage they feel against our current president.

Now watch–it’ll turn out that there really is an “Obama Book of Days,” and millions of liberals own one.

‘How to Argue with a Lib’ (2013)

Not that there’s much of a future in discussing anything with persons who want to see an effigy of Hillary Clinton atop the Christmas tree…


First Grab a Barf Bag…

I have to go to the nursing home this morning–but first, here is what passes for a Christmas tree topper among liberals: Hillary Clinton as an angel.

Crikey, it looks like a decoration for a lesbian “wedding” cake.

I don’t have time, just now, to say much more about it. Only that it’s yours for a mere $80 (aaaghhh!), and it does show you what constitutes worship for leftids. Hey, let’s hear it for the chief of the Clinton White House Bimbo Eruption Team! And her (ugh) “iconic white suit.”

ET, Here We Come!

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In 20 years or less, scientists will probably discover life on another planet, according to NASA bigwigs (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5087185/NASA-experts-says-alien-life-20-yrs.html). Hey, a couple of Jupiter’s moons have water under their ice. There might be mermaids.

Dig this quote. “We’re using the same climate models that we use to project 21st century climate change on Earth to do simulations of specific exoplanets that have been discovered, and hypothetical planets [emphasis added].”

I guess you can always make Climbit Change models work on hypothetical planets created by you and your computer. You will probably find hypothetical life on your hypothetical planets. Too bad you can’t fund it with hypothetical tax dollars.

Humanist religion demands a universe full of inhabited planets where life arose spontaneously through random events and then evolved into Al Franken. “See? See! This proves there is no God! This proves he didn’t create nothin’!” That’s what they’re looking to shout from the housetops.

There is no reason why God should not have created life on other planets. I suspect He probably has. But so far, we have found no evidence of it. And what may or may not have happened on some planet a dozen light-years from ours, even if it could be known, is probably irrelevant.

Or at least hypothetically irrelevant.


Liberal Objects of Worship

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We have learned a lot about liberals’ religion, these last couple of days, and from the most unimpeachable sources. It might be worthwhile, trying to impeach them.

From an “ecosexual” art professor we learn that the earth is capable of amours with human beings, and that these dalliances will likely save the planet. From what, we are not told. But I’ll bet you never look at rocks and trees again the same old way.

And from a movie star we learn that Mother Nature presides over it all, is a registered Democrat and huge Hillary fan, and is capable of slinging hurricanes around like frisbees when she feels the need to punish those who don’t believe in Man-Made Climbit Change.

No wonder they don’t need the real God. No wonder they sneer at those who read the Bible.

So it’s Mother Nature, the earth itself, and–what? How do they complete their trinity?

The third person of the liberal trinity is the State. And Science.

But wait a minute! You can’t have a trinity with four persons in it, instead of only three!

You can if you’re a liberal.

Stanford U. to Teach ‘Abolishing Whiteness’

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It’s getting harder and harder to report the news from colleges–because it makes less and less sense.

Stanford University has announced that it will hold a special seminar on “White Identity Politics” which will discuss, among other things, the possibility of “abolishing whiteness” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/35419/).

See, get rid of whiteness and you get rid of inequality. And what is whiteness? It’s “the set of behaviors and outlooks associated with the racial category, white.” Or so the university spokesthing tells us.

What set of behaviors and outlooks might those be? They don’t tell us, but we can guess. What is “acting white”? Hmm… Studying hard to get good grades (instead of having them doled out to you unearned). Holding a job and actually showing up for work on time. Voting for someone for some reason other than his or her or its membership in some particular group, as in “Vote for Hillary because she’s a woman!” Getting married before having children, and staying married while you raise them. Stuff like that.

These are the behaviors and outlooks that college wallahs want to see abolished. After all, it’s soooo much easier to lord it over ignorant, immoral bastards dependent on the government for sustenance.

Again we must say: America’s university system has become harmful to the nation and urgently needs to be cut back. Way back, to about a tenth of its present size.

Or we could just let them go on teaching that you can get rid of inequality by getting rid of whiteness–or whatever other this-worldly, Godless, humanist magic formula they come up with.

Because the message behind every one of these utopian schemes is salvation not by God but by the hand of man–sinful, fallible, fearful, and very limited man. Liberalism is a false religion offering false hopes and a false salvation.

And our schools and colleges are its churches.

French Honcho Likens Self to Roman God

Emmanuel Macron is president of France because the French nooze media never, ever wrote or mentioned his name without attaching the comfortable label “centrist” to it.

But now he’s telling the noozies that his thought processes–is that what those are?–are “too complex” for them to understand. And, having summoned legislators to attend him at the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles, Macron is said to have expressed his intention to govern as “a remote, dignified figure, like the Roman god of gods, who weighs his rare pronouncements carefully” (http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/04/macron-announces-govern-like-jupiter-roman-king-gods/).

Or, as Caligula used to say, “For ‘Jove’ read ‘me’!”

Is Macron trying to out-Obama Obama? I dunno, which is better–making the sea levels go down, or turning into a god? Stay turned for additional rare pronouncements.

The Liberals’ Book of Lamentations

Liberals don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t stop them from believing. Left-wing politics is their religion, and it mimics Christianity. It has a Supreme Being: the government. It has priests: the teacher unions. It has sacraments: abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and Sunday nooze shows.

And it has a kind of pseudo-Bible, too, with Darwin in the place of Moses, and major prophets like Marx, John Dewey, Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, etc.

What we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the creation of a liberal Book of Lamentations.

They still can’t believe they lost the election. Open borders, transgender bathrooms, Common Core, globalism, an Attorney General empowered to investigate “Climate Change Denial”–it simply isn’t possible that the American people could have rejected all those blessings!

So now they’ve identified the cause of this calamity. The Russians hacked our voting machines and swung the election to Donald Trump! It never could’ve happened otherwise! And they put out all that fake news about poor Hillary!

Just you watch: this will all go down in liberal history as sacred narrative, rock-solid truth–and this from people who are always babbling about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth is always supposed to win. It will all be written down, and passed on to posterity. Their children and grandchildren, the ones that haven’t been aborted, will inherit it. And anyone who questions it had better duck.

It’ll be fun to see what they wind up writing about Anthony Weiner. That ought to be a hoot.

Oh, Boy! No More ‘Hate’ in Cyberspace!

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The cuddly commies at Google and Facebook are reportedly studying ways to ban “hate” and “extremism” from the Internet and social media ( http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/25/12029900/facebook-google-extremist-blocking ).

Ain’t that wonderful? And they don’t even have to tell you what constitutes hate or extremism.

Do you trust them to limit their definition to really bad guys plotting to blow people up? Might they not be tempted to outlaw all kinds of whatever they decide is hateful or extremist? Like the contents of this blog, for instance?

Again, the issue is religious. As Christians, we believe that the origin of evil lies within the human heart. But humanist wack-jobs think, “Oh, no, the human heart is basically good! It’s all that other stuff that needs to be re-engineered–our culture, our society, our social, political, and economic institutions. That’s where all the evil comes from! But not to worry–we can fix it. With Education and Science and plenty of camps for those who aren’t behind the program, blah-blah-blah…”

We can defend ourselves from this–but not if we allow Hillary Clinton to become our president.

Please think about that carefully, come voting time.