The War on the Past is a War Against the Future

Why are leftids all over America in a frenzy to destroy Confederate monuments? Why wage this cowardly war upon the dead, who can’t defend themselves–and why with such a boiling passion?

Now they attack not only Confederate dead, but also George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt. See, everyone who had anything to do with creating and building the United States of America, they’re all racists, they’re all slaveholders. Down with them! And down with everything they ever said or did!

President Trump has asked, “Which statues are next?”

And why are the rest of us, millions of us, permitting this to happen? Why are we not saying “No!”

This is the Left trying to cut us off from all our past. No Washington and Jefferson, and there’s no Declaration of Independence, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights. They owned slaves 200 years ago, therefore everything they ever said or did is tainted. All our heritage from them–for instance, our right to free speech–is tainted, too, and must be done away with in the interests of social justice.

Then we can have this lovely PC country where no one has any rights at all.

Take a good, hard look at these people, and a good, hard listen. Do you want them to rule over you? Do you want them to have the power?

Their war is not about the past; that’s only on the surface. Underneath it is a war upon the future, which they mean to win. They hate our country and mean to destroy it.

May God smite them first.


13 comments on “The War on the Past is a War Against the Future

  1. Right you are, Lee. When people love what God hates, guess who is right and who is wrong. I found a great song by Carroll Roberson titled He Still Has the Scars. If you want something to post that brings us to think about what is really important.

    1. What I don’t understand is why the American people are letting it happen. Are we grown as spineless as the Europeans?

    2. Spineless, for sure. The violence that the left has been displaying scares most civilized people – simply because such viciousness is evil. And what’s going on in our country now is evil. I think it was Khrushchev who predicted we would destroy ourselves from within.

    3. Mr. K’s two quotes: “Your grandchildren will live under communism” “We will bury you.”
      What I don’t get is why the American people are allowing themselves to be bullied, their nation to be undermined, and their president to be threatened with ouster by a pack of low-life left-wing vermin.

    4. Possibly the thought of another Civil War is too much to take. The inaction alone will force one at some point. The seeds are being planted now, but I fear the harvest will be unpalatable for everyone.

    5. While I agree with Linda that another Civil War could arise, I see this as part of a larger, global phenomenon. The social, economic and political order is breaking down in other places as well.

      While President Trump is criticized and threatened with legal obstruction at every turn, the same sort of thing is happening to Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. The degree of parallel is astounding.

      People are crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to enter Europe in record numbers. They are coming on rafts and even on JetSkis. Syria is in disarray and Lebanon is not far behind it. Iran is projecting influence far beyond its borders and it’s feared that they will soon have a land corridor all the way to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. Many European countries are filled with strife these days and the tension regarding immigration is quite high.

      The Korean problem is unprecedented and may prove quite difficult to solve. Meanwhile, China has established a remote military base in Djibouti, which leaves them in an advantageous position With regard to the Straits of Bab-el-Manded, which lies between Djibouti and Yemen and controls access from the Red Sea.

      My point is that the power structure of the entire world has shifted and things are not the same as they were even a few months ago. The biblical hope keeps me sustained, but even with that it’s not easy to keep perspective. Imagine how it is for persons with no trust in a Higher Power. I believe we will see some amazing things as we move forward from this point in time.

  2. I fully agree with all that has been written by all of you, and one more note
    in the whole mess is what is happening in Turkey. Things are getting very wild everywhere. We have been placed here for “such a time as this” and there is a ripe harvest waiting for the reapers and gleaners. We need to pray the Lord of the harvest send workers.

    1. The restoration of Israel as a nation convinces me that we are in the last days. The growing international tumult convinces me that we have shifted into a new phase which I believe will culminate in the attack of Gog.

      The political events in Turkey have certainly caught my attention along with Iran’s growing presence in Syria. The armies of Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey are all in a good position to advance on Israel. Russia and the US have a presence in the area as well, making for some very interesting possibilities.

      All I can do is go about my business, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

  3. Yes, we cannot afford to obsess about all this, but it is wise to keep one
    eye on the news while the other is on the Scriptures. Preparation time
    is not long, I believe.

  4. I can’t locate the verse, but as I recall, there is a verse in Daniel that say it with come like a storm. The last year or so has been an endless series of crises which seem to come out of nowhere and dissipate rapidly, but leaving things slightly less stable than before. It reminds me of a gathering storm with a building sense of tension before it breaks forth.

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