The Frolicking Sheep

Odd that the only pet mentioned in the Bible is a little ewe lamb that a poor man raised by hand and cuddled in his bed–only to have it taken away from him by a rich man who wanted it for dinner. When King David heard about that, he ordered the execution of the rich man: only then to learn that this was a parable that Nathan was telling him to make him understand how gravely he had sinned in order to rob Uriah the Hittite of his wife, Bathsheba. (2 Samuel, Chapter 12)

We don’t think of sheep as pets, but certainly the one in this video acts like he’s somebody’s pet. I had no idea a sheep could be so merry. A pet like this would be very easy to love.

3 comments on “The Frolicking Sheep

  1. Oh my goodness, so adorable! He really looks like he’s trying to copy the dogs; and that huge pillow of a tail is so cute! Actually, I’d say he gives the dogs a run for their money with his enthusiasm 😀

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