By Poplar Demand, More Quokkas

All this video is from Rottnest Island, Australia, where people go to see quokkas. The name of the island means “Rat Nest” in Dutch: some old-time sailors mistook the quokkas for large rats. Must’ve been at sea too long.

These seem to be very lovable animals, and I hope it’s safe for them to mix so freely with humans.

2 comments on “By Poplar Demand, More Quokkas

  1. They’re just so cute! And they seem to have no fear of humans. As you said, Lee, I sure hope humans appreciate this little treasure and treat them with kindness. The people in this video seem to.

  2. They are quite appealing little critters. I can certainly understand their popularity.

    A few years back, I saw some Wallabies in a petting zoo. They were quite a sight. One had a youngster in her pouch and that was a treat to see.

    Our God is an awesome God.

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