Another Mystery: Lake Baikal Seals

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Hi, Mr. Nature here, with yet another zoological head-scratcher: the seals of Lake Baikal.

So what’s the mystery? They’re just another species of seal, right? Ah! But consider where Lake Baikal is–in the middle of Siberia, north of Mongolia. In fact, it contains more fresh water than any other lake in the world, and has no outlet–repeat, no outlet–to the sea, which is hundreds of miles away. And these are the only exclusively fresh-water seals in the world.

How did they get there? It’s not like seals are well-equipped to travel overland for any distance. It’s hard enough for people to get there from the sea, let alone seals. And yet there they are, perhaps as many as 100,000 of them. How in the world did seals wind up in Lake Baikal?

Nobody knows.

God’s creation is more complex than we will ever know, and it will never run out of hard questions to pose us as we study it.

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