School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

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It ought to be against the Geneva  Convention to start school before Labor Day. But in some parts of the country, it has. And the first education outrages of the new school year have already been perpetrated.

At Rocklin Academy in California (where else?)–kids come home from this school in tears, and have nightmares, from the mandatory “gender” lessons that scare some little ones into thinking they might spontaneously change sex–the principal has “investigated” a first-grade girl for the crime of “misgendering” a classmate (

This enemy of the people said hello to a boy she knew, but didn’t know that he was now “transitioning” into a “girl” and so addressed him by his old name, calling him Floyd instead of Petunia, or whatever the names in question were. Although the intrepid investigators eventually concluded that the girl had only erred because she really didn’t know the boy was now calling himself a girl–ah, wait, stop! I can’t write any more of this.

Why is anybody still sending children to these schools?

“We won’t stop until we’ve convinced all the boys that they’re girls and all the girls that they’re boys!”

“What good will that do?”

There can be no answer to that question.

One of the results of this age is the new building program Down Below. They’re gonna need a bigger Hell. And an extra-hot oven for all these perverted “educators” and the morale imbecile parents who let them get away with it.

To do these things to children–!

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip.)

10 comments on “School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

  1. Thanks for bringing this abhorrence to the forefront, Lee. We, as Christians, must stand against the demonic insanity blanketing this fallen world! In Jesus’ most precious name, we pray.

    1. We ought to be pulling our children and grandchildren from these schools, voting down school budgets, voting out local governments who restore the budget cuts, and pushing back, with every ounce of strength and passion, against the assorted “movements” to legitimize all kinds of sexual immorality.

      Why aren’t we angrier? We have more than ample cause.

    2. Gee, didn’t somebody already “unleash turmoil and bloodshed” at Fort Hood? Oh, that’s right–that was a Muslim, so it doesn’t count. It only counts if “white people” did it two centuries ago.

    1. Well, fry my hide, we wouldn’t want parents opting out of “anything they find offensive,” would we? I mean, that’s only liberal privilege, never to hear anything that might offend them.

      There is really absolutely no excuse to send children to a place like this. Parents who do it should be flogged. Publicly.

    2. Thankfully, some parents have opted out of this school altogether. Perhaps many more will also. Even the school admits their enrollment is down in the wake of this child abuse.

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