‘The Temptation’ Marches On

The Throne

The weather is telling me I’d better shift into high gear if I want to finish writing The Temptation before it gets too cold to write outside. Yeah, I could work indoors–but when it comes to my books, I’d much rather work outdoors.

I’m typing up the latest chapter set, which will give me 25 completed chapters. The Lord has not yet shown me how to end the story. All sorts of action is going on, in and out of Obann City and the ruins of Old Obann: my characters are very busy. All I can do is pray for inspiration and plug on. I know from experience that the ending of the book will be given to me in a sudden burst: that’s how He likes to give it to me.

I really wonder what it’ll be!

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  1. I’m so excited to be going back to Old Obann! I’ve been wondering what else might be there since the children went to the cellar beneath the cellar. And what treasures were missed that Lord Reesch and the Thunder King would have liked for their collections! Suspense! And will Wytt’s family be there? So many questions!

    Any word on The Silver Trumpet?

    1. I’m sure it will be wonderful upon completion. Could you just pass along to him that your fans (and his) are in suspense 🙂

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