‘Journalist’ Brags of Casting Lethal Hexes

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Some of us have been wondering whether leftids have actually been getting crazier by the day. The daily news would certainly seem to point in that direction.

For instance: Here’s “journalist” and D.C. party animal Sally Quinn uttering dark sayings about how she put the whammy on three different people and they all came to grief (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/09/08/sally-quinn-has-cast-3-hexes-and-worries-they-worked/642621001/). And she hints that there just might be a mumbo-jumbo somewhere with President Trump’s name on it, and he’ll never finish his four years as president. Anyway, she’s got a new book out, and she’s sure to make a bundle.

All the women in her family, she says, are psychic. There’s some blather about how she prays to God and Jesus but simultaneously thinks God’s no good because He allows suffering in this world and it’s like all His fault and also all “religion is magic,” blah-blah. Crikey, she sounds like Joe Collidge.

Hexing Sally was married to the late Ben Bradlee, publisher of The Washington Post and a pioneer of hard-left bias in the nooze media–a cleanup hitter in the lefty lineup. Had she been married to Fungo Ferguson, would she still be a nooze celebrity?

Oh, well. If you can’t win the election, turn to black magic.

It’s the same thing that makes socialism work so well.

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