Welcome, Newbies! Please Check Out My Books

My stats page tells me I have a lot of new viewers on this blog; and I would be surprised if many of them were aware that I have novels out there, too.

Look at that beautiful cover, up there, by Kirk DouPonce! The Throne is Book No. 9 in my Bell Mountain series, all of which are available through amazon.com or directly from the publisher at http://www.chalcedon.edu/store.com/ .

Mostly of you never heard of these, but you can find out about all nine novels in the series simply by clicking “Books” at the top of the page. Artwork, cover blurbs, and sample chapters–it’s all there.

Book No. 10, The Silver Trumpet, is currently in production. Meanwhile I’m writing No. 11, The Temptation. But for the time being, there are nine of them out there to get you started.

Take the plunge! Buy one! It’s cheaper than a movie!

3 comments on “Welcome, Newbies! Please Check Out My Books

  1. Having read all of Lee’s ‘Bell Mountain’ series available so far, I can, without reservation, say that they’re wonderful for any age and are not only much cheaper than a movie but a much more fulfilling use of your time. I highly recommend this entire series!

  2. I’ve only read “Bell Mountain” so far and it is wonderful. I left a 5-star review on Amazon where I purchased it. If you have read it or the others, be sure to post a review. Compared to the crap I see distributed in our public schools, Lee’s books are pure gold.

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