Catholic University Fires Fake ‘Pro-Life’ Prof

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Here’s a little something Christians ought to watch out for: Far Left wackos piggy-backing onto a “Christian issue” or two in hopes of tricking Christians into supporting them.

Franciscan University, Steubenville, has fired an English professor who specialized in this kind of scam (–pretending to be “pro-life” while devoting every ounce of energy to actively opposing and undermining Catholic teachings. The university forthrightly says that’s why she was fired.

How does the scam work? Well, you set up something called “The New Pro-Life Movement” in which a tepid objection to abortion is linked to every liberal cliche you can think of. That way, anybody who donates to your “pro-life” efforts will also be donating to your much more energetic efforts on behalf of sexual anarchy, pornography, revolutionary politics, and so on. As the professor once remarked on her blog, “To be human is to be disgusting.” Toldja humanists don’t like humanity.

It’s refreshing to see a Catholic college stand up for Catholic principles. It’s gotten to be kind of unusual, in recent years. Good for you, Franciscan University! May you serve as a role model for others.

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