Another Antifa Interview

No, it’s not a student. It’s a professor. A law professor at John Jay School of Justice. A law professor who identifies himself as an anarchist and belongs to an “antifa” group–violent leftid thugs who think everyone’s a “nazi” except themselves.

So here’s Tucker Carlson interviewing another Antifa waste of space. But this is several months after his last Antifa interview, in which the interviewee baldly confessed her commitment to violence against anyone Antifa disagrees with. Is it possible that the differences in these two interviews are owing to the public getting just a teeny bit fed up with Antifa?

Notice how the prof bobs and weaves to avoid answering direct questions. Everything Antifa does, he claims, is “self-defense.” Including the riot footage Carlson plays for him. Nope, nothin’ wrong there.

Oh! And Antifa doesn’t have to obey the law because the law, don’t you know, is a tool to oppress “the vast majority of the people.” Just like Christians, Republicans, conservatives, white people in general, yatta-yatta, are out “to eliminate most of the people in this country”–hmmm… that’d be, like, 180 million people or so?–who need Antifa rioters to protect them. Therefore, he concludes, “the violence is justified.” Because it isn’t really violence at all, it’s just self-defense against “fascists” and “white supremacists”–categories which, for Antifa, have exceedingly broad definitions. Just about anybody, in fact.

Please, everyone–think real, real hard the next time you vote. Please don’t let Democrats ever take power again. Because they own Antifa, and Antifa owns them.

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  1. One thing puzzles me about these loons – what or who gave them the erroneous idea that the rest of us have to comply with their thought processes (if we can even call it ‘thought’), or that we even care what they think? If I were a gambling woman, my money would be on puppeteer Soros-funded ‘actors’ as the puppets. If this isn’t the answer, they must claim mental illness.

    And while we’re on the subject, here’s another insignificant liberal who thinks her opinion matters:

  2. Do they own the Dems, do the Dems own them, or does some earthly power own both of them (Soros, perhaps) and is that earthly power in turn owned by a demonic power?

    That was a rhetorical question, of course. But I do think some more should be done to expose the controlling power behind all these thug organizations that seem to have sprung up almost overnight. And then we should try harder to expose the end game of that controlling power. Whoever is pumping money into these things isn’t doing it as just a hobby.

    1. Yes, it would be nice to know who’s pulling the strings, and prosecute the living daylights out of them–if the Democrats and the nooze media and Hollywood would let you prosecute them at all.

  3. I saw that interview with the Antifa professor on “Tucker.” I received the impression he is gay and is afraid society still hasn’t sufficiently accepted his life stye so Antifa must make war.

    1. That’s the Gramschi formula: The long march through the institutions. Anarchists teaching in law schools, militant atheists teaching in (supposedly) Christian schools, perverts teaching in elementary schools….

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