Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’

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As if on cue from the New York Times, with its laudatory 30-part series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the leftid thugs of Antifa are openly calling for, and planning, massive, nationwide riots and disruptions for Nov. 4 (“It begins!” is their threat), aimed at toppling President Donald Trump and shoving Crooked Hillary into the White House (

But don’t take my word for it. There’s the link to their website.

See, America’s lawfully elected government has to be violently overthrown for the sake of “the future of humanity and the planet itself.”

Why aren’t these people being arrested?

Or are we just gonna let ’em try to do it?

Oh, well–next time (Heaven forbid) there’s a Democrat president… we’ll know what to do.

They Might Be Nazis

So who are the real brownshirts?

Oh, that’s easy! “Antifa” are the real brownshirts. They’re the ones who assert the right to physically attack anyone they think is a “fascist”–which would be pretty much anybody.

The other day in Sheridan, Colorado, a man was peacefully getting out of his car at a steak sandwich place when a wacko “antifa” storm trooper attacked him with a knife, screaming “You’re one of those neo-Nazis, aren’tcha?” The victim was stabbed in the hand before he could get back into the car and close the door. ( He thinks it must have been his haircut that set the leftid loony off.

No, sir, it wasn’t your haircut. It was this person’s psychotic ideology and its enabling by the media and the Democrat Party that set him off. He knows Soros and Obama and Hillary and MSNBC and CNN, et al, are in his corner.

Again I ask–why do we permit this?