Now thay Making Us tell Time!!

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I amb so mad!!! Just becose some Hater making Fun “of” us Interllecturals and geting the Albumni al riled up now we got to lern How “to” tell time!! Just becose thay heared One of “us” say its a Quater to Novvembre”!

I got so Up-sett i sayed to my Gender Studies Prefesser, what “whe got to” tell Time for, “telling Tim it is compleetly Irrelephant!” We got mutch more impotent Socile Jutstus stufff to do!!! butt he just sayed Shut Up, it is waht the Deen he says we got to do Other wyse thay keep Makin Fun of us!!

So he maid Me loook at a Clocke and tel waht Time “it” was and i sayed its allmost Neckst Weak and he sayed No No “the” Big Hand it tels yiu waht Day it “is” and the Littel Hand it “tels” yiu, wel, i dont remmembre and so waht??? So now We got to jist sitt thare “In” the clasrooom and stair at the Clocke on the Whall and say waht Time “It” is and i was Ne vver so Board “in” al My liife!!!

Yknow thare is somb Tricke to it! Like how comb The “time” it is awlyays chainging??? Thay are jist Makin It Up!! This hear It Is jist a buntch of Racist Biggit Haters thay trying To “make Us” to loook stopid!!

So whe are Planing a reel Big Rallie to Night it is suposed to be At Ten Oclocke PM at Nihght and i wil know Waht Time “it is” wen evry boddy thay Start “the” rallie i dont need to loook At no stopid racist Clocke!!!

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  1. I’m going to try a different approach today. One must speak to Joe Collidge in his own language.


    I nO just watt yiu meen. Today. I had to went to the dockter and I desided that I dind’t ned no clocks, cuz they !R¿ racist, So I wnet too the dokcter and “hE” sad eye wuz lait and I couldt’n cee Him twoday. Thin “Hee/ charged me a 25$ missed annointment fe. Iye wuz MADD bekuz time and app-ointments are racist and only biggits beelieve in tham.

    I tolled the dOckter that he wuz a biggot and he sad that from my last-naim, he cood tel that both of our ancestors came form the saim place in the british Aisles (which is somewhere around the medical-iRanian see) and that he couldn’t be bigg-eTed because of that. Then aye reelee get M.A.D.D. because I didn’t noe whet twwooo say. Eye xeplained taht iye didn’t-knot have any money and he said that I showed go too the freee klinic from “now” On. Eye told him that aYe get beet-“up” wherever iye go “there” and he said 2-badd.

    1. Joe, it’s much simpler just to say “yoor a HATER.” They can’t answer back on that — and you won! (Or: yiu one, in Collidge-speak.)

  2. I sub-teach in classes from Pre-K to 12th grade in 18 schools, and I can attest to the fact that these students cannot tell time – it’s almost unbelievable. The theory is, why teach telling time when all you have to do is look at your cell phone giving time digitally. I have noticed at the Mall where I walk when the weather is bad, all the clocks have been changed out for digital ones. So much for progress.

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