Cat: ‘I’m Ignoring You’

Hey! You think those Buckingham Palace guards, with the red coats and the big hats, are experts at making like you aren’t there? Well, they learned it from cats!

But cats don’t just ignore you and me. They can ignore anybody. Watch this really quite cute little puppy try to get a rise out of this cat. He’d have better luck with a birdbath. My cat Robbie is a genuine whiz at acting like you’re not talking to her. (P.S.–She’s getting so much better, thanks for your prayers.

They can’t ignore your opening the food cabinet, though. The puppy should have tried that.

7 comments on “Cat: ‘I’m Ignoring You’

  1. This is just too cute for words! You have to feel sorry for the poor puppy that just wants to play. Cats really are experts at nonchalantly ignoring us 🙂

  2. Broke out the $4 can of Albacore for Friday night animals. Made one small cup for me and gave the rest to the cats.
    The cats forgot about the dry tender center stuff and the mole ate it after two recon passes.
    The mole was munching and snacking while the cats were lounging. Mr or Ms Mole came up close a few feet away and then scampered off with its stubby legs.
    This was way more fun than a walked across the room update on fakebook or some commie agitprop on das teevee.

    1. My bet would be that at some point, the cat will give that pup a good swat across the nose and establish, once and for all, who’s boss. Thereafter, they will be best of friends. That pup was about as cute as a critter can be, but the cat was not so easily impressed. 🙂

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