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Have you begun to wonder, yet, why anybody normal bothers to go to college anymore? After all, it costs a fortune and it doesn’t appear to be good for anything.

Today’s exhibit: The president of Albion College, in Michigan, denies he told the Student Senate that a white female student deserved to be assaulted by “protesters” because, as an evil no-good white person, she “had privilege” ( He denies it vigorously, but there seem to be an awful lot of people who saw and heard him say it.

See, they were having this “protest” over something or other, and the protesters were demanding that the college impose “mandatory diversity training”–are we sure we want to know what that is?–on everybody there.

Demonstrations, says the president, are supposed “to make us feel uncomfortable.” Of course, at the same time, saying anything that makes some idiot “uncomfortable” is hate speech or microaggression or racism or whatever and absolutely forbidden. There are those who are allowed to make people uncomfortable, and those whose only function is, it appears, to be made uncomfortable. It doesn’t work both ways.

I report these incidents only because they point to a looming social problem that may prove very hard to deal with.

Someday tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of these Godless, angry, unemployable, tantrum-prone, ignorant, incapable, deeply irrational “students” will be too old and too broke for any more “education.” They will then be turned out into our society. And the question is: What the dickens are we going to do with them? Just stand aside and let them do to the whole country what they’ve done to their colleges?

A de-Christianized America will be utterly defenseless.


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  1. I think we are already there. The assininity of business these days seems to have its roots in the world of college mandated sensitivity and diversity training.

    1. As I see it, one of the biggest problems is that degrees are being issued to for subjects that should be attainable to any high school grad. The market has been saturated and applicants with degrees are now a dime a dozen. The last time I hired someone, I went with experience over education that was over six years ago and that employee is still going strong.

      In the long run, all of these superfluous degrees are going to become less and less relevant to employers and, hopefully, we’ll go back to degrees being for doctors, lawyers and engineers.

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