They Cheated and Still Lost

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Wow! Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State–the official who’s supposed to see that elections are fair and above board before certifying the results–has had to resign because of massive voter fraud (

It turns out that, on this secretary’s watch, thousands of illegal aliens voted in Pennsylvania’s election–laundered into the system through a “motor voter” scam. “Motor voter” was Bill Clinton’s brainchild for quickly ginning up a lot of Democrat voters who otherwise wouldn’t be eligible.

So they cheated in the last election and still couldn’t bring home Pennsylvania for Hillary.

I have yet to hear of any voter fraud which has benefited any but a Democrat candidate. In fact, I wonder if they would win any elections at all without it.

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  1. I might recommend you find a better credible source for your “factual” news that some computer-voiced generated Youtube submission from who-knows-where.
    The real facts are here…

    ..and the “fraud” wasn’t massive (although that’s how Trump would describe it, I’m sure). It’s suspected to be a glitch in their non-citizen motor vehicle licensing system as it relates to voter registration that’s apparently going back through many administrations. The resignation of the Secretary of State is suspect as it’s coincidental following an oversight agency asking him to respond to some questions. He has yet to be accused of anything.


    1. The article you cite refers to “thousands of illegal immigrants state wide” voting in the last Pennsylvania election. How many of these do there have to be before you’d agree it was a problem?

      The article you cite attributes the illegal votes to “a glitch.” Really? The computer somehow brought all these people to the polls?

      That’s Democrats: it’s never purposeful fraud, it’s always just “a mistake”–like misplacing your car keys or something.

      Liberals cannot win elections without cheating. And sometimes they can’t win even with cheating.

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