Hypocrisy on Steroids

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For this year’s Oscar for Hypocrisy, I nominate this incredible statement by Hillary Clinton, uttered five days after Hollywood producer and Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein was accused of a laundry list of sexual predations:

“The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated.” (http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/354838-after-delay-clinton-and-obamas-rip-weinstein)

It leaves one breathless.

As First Lady to America’s most notorious sexual predator president, Hillary not only tolerated Bill Clinton’s behavior toward women, but enabled it, defended it, and did everything she could to smear and discredit all those “women coming forward” about her husband. She was, after all, captain of the Clinton White House’s elite Bimbo Eruption Team.

We are asked to believe that no one in Hollywood or in the Democrat Party knew about Weinstein’s, uh, hobby–is that the right word? They really didn’t know? That’s what they want us to believe?

We don’t.

4 comments on “Hypocrisy on Steroids

    1. She’d already spent it, of course.
      Trying to get money back from Hillary Clinton would be harder than bringing back the Indus Valley civilization.

    2. At one point, she said she would give most of it to charitable organizations. I believe one of these turned out to be the Clinton Foundation. I’m guessing that another would be Planned Parenthood. Sexual predators usually do want their targets to get rid of any (ahem) unfortunate by-products of the predation.

  1. As Hillary told the BBC (thankfully she is currently smelling up Great Britain instead of the USA) that the three sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton that Donald Trump had on the front row at one of the Presidential Debates had been litigated in the past so they didn’t count – how convenient for her!

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