‘Sweet Sacrament Divine’

Here’s one for Phoebe and other Catholic members of our little blog community, shared with us by “Optimal Play” from Australia–Sweet Sacrament Divine, sung by Marilla Ness.

It must be Catholic Day here. For the first time ever, we have a hit from Vatican City. My Aunt Betty, the nun, sure would’ve gotten a kick out of that! I miss her.

It would be silly to deny that there are controversies that separate Catholics and Protestants. But I don’t know how much that label, “Protestant,” is worth anymore. R.J. Rushdoony hired Catholics to help run Chalcedon and also published books by Catholics–and who could be more of a Protestant than he?

Anyway, the Lord has richly endowed His Church–the whole Church, the whole community of believers worldwide–with enemies: and we do well to remember that. We belong to Jesus Christ and ought to love each other.

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