Now They Vandalize Churches

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Looking to find some middle ground with the “gay marriage” crowd? You might as well search for the Fountain of Youth.

This is Waverly Baptist Church in Wheelers Hill, Australia, vandalized in the night by advocates of “love is love,” etc. I don’t think the message is just an idle thought.

This is, when you get down to business, a religious war. Are we to worship God and obey His word–or worship an idol we have created with our own hands, and be ruled by it? For “gay rights” and all the rest of it is an idol, man-made, a cover for sinful man exalting himself as righteous god.

In a couple of weeks we’ll see whether the voters of Australia can summon up enough decency to preserve marriage in the form in which God ordained it, or will allow themselves to be bullied and hornswoggled into giving it up.

If it was America, of course, pseudomarriage would be soundly voted down by the people and then imposed on them by a couple of judges.

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  1. “If it was America, of course, pseudomarriage would be soundly voted down by the people and then imposed on them by a couple of judges.”

    Your right Lee, the majority of the times it was voted on by “we the people”, we voted against it, but it was overturned by the legislature. And of course the Supreme Court didn’t ask our opinions when they ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Good luck trying to figure out how they justified that with the Constitution. I think it’s going to play out the same way in Australia. Signs of the times and all that.

    They say they want the “right” to marry. Well, they already have the right to marry the opposite sex, which is what we have. What they want is a special right, an exemption, to marry the same-sex. But in doing so they have to change the definition of marriage. Once you redefine marriage, it is no longer marriage anymore, but a pseudo-marriage as you have pointed out. And there’s no reason to believe that in changing the definition of marriage, that it will not continue to get redefined, until it can mean anything to anyone, which makes it meaningless and a mockery of what God intended it to be.

    1. The assault has been unrelenting, for years. No-fault divorce certainly changed the definition of marriage. Various rulings, etc, have changed it further over the years, to the point that people have come up with prenuptial agreements to limit potential losses to one party or the other when marriages are dissolved.

      Marriages, traditionally were officiated by the church and registered with the state. The state didn’t define marriage to any appreciable degree, that was left to the church. But then the state had to get involved, because divorce was becoming ubiquitous and the state was finding itself forced to define marriage in order to adjudicate all the details of divorce.

      The slippery slope began there and marriage became more and more a civil matter as the years wore on. While I’m not pleased by this, I have to place a portion of the blame on the churches. Had they been following the biblical standards regarding marriage, that would have helped matters greatly, but that is all in the past at this point.

  2. My wife & I took a Florida vacation in the ’90’s to see if we might want to live there (because we love the ocean). We visited Joseph MacAuliffe’s church in Tampa. The week before its window has been broken out because MacAuliffe had condemned homosexuality on a TV he was a guest on.

    1. That’s the Love Is Love crowd for you.
      They demand our approval, and when they can’t get it, they wish to destroy us–even when they’ve got the government and the court system and the whole rest of the power class in their corner. They can’t tolerate even one dissenting voice, no matter how small and ineffectual. But I know you already know why.

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