California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment

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If you want to hear “We support feminism!” till it’s coming out your ears, California’s state capitol in Sacramento would be a good place to start. Except–as is not at all unusual with liberals–it’s all a load of crap.

You know Democrats are in hot water when The New York Times has to cover their misdeeds. But according to the NYT, 140 women–including female legislators, lobbyists, and legislative aides–have signed a statement charging that the Democrat-dominated state house is a virtual hellhole of sexual harassment (

Laments the leftist newspaper, “The California legislature has set the national agenda on a variety of issues”–that should read, “tries to set,” and, thank heaven, mostly fails–and yet here they are chasing women into the ladies’ restrooms and groping them, etc. Uh, libs, we toldja that’d happen if you didn’t keep separate bathrooms for the only two sexes that actually exist. But there it is: “pervasive sexual misconduct” in the most liberal state legislature in the union.

Okay, who’s surprised? Who’s out there who really thought liberals mean what they say about supporting this and that group’s rights and promoting social justice and being sweet enough to peel the enamel off your teeth?

Our slimy power class insults us by pretending to care about us, when in reality they consider us nothing more than their prey.

Oh, and don’t forget Hollywood as a bastion of liberal lip service with heaps and heaps of sexual predation going on behind the scenes.

And Bill Clinton.

We believe in Original Sin, which makes us perpetually in need of Our Savior.

What’s their excuse?

4 comments on “California’s State Legislature–A Tar Pit of Sexual Harassment

  1. The double standard applied by some politicians is stunning to behold. At times, I have worked directly for politicians and while so,e are decent people, it is very easy for a politician to create exemptions for themselves as they see fit. The answer is NOT more oversight, that is just an added layer of complication and offers MORE opportunity for corruption. The answer is integrity and character. Without these, no amount of oversight will matter.

    I am ashamed by the sexual scandals that seem to come to light with sickening regularity. In the entertainment industry it’s not surprising, but still unacceptable. In politics it is absolutely an abuse of power and I am very ashamed that both sides of the aisle are involved at times. Once again, the answer is integrity and character. As a nation, our integrity and character have declined precipitously in the postwar era. People have become tolerant of things that would have been scandalous to my parents generation. Our society can not be strong if the individual building blocks, the individual citizens do not demand integrity and character of themselves and their leaders.

  2. A familiar adage, “The gov’t is a reflection of the people.” Or as R. J. Rushdoony was apt to say, “You can’t make a good omelette with rotten eggs.” No one is really surprised about immoral conduct in California’s legislature, but many are surprised by the latest Democratic tactic of attacking President Trump over how they heard he conducted a call to a Gold Star mother. Here’s General Kelly today if you missed it:

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