Who’s in Charge of This?

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Professor James Moriarty

For Agatha Christie, it was the Big Four; for Sax Roehmer, Dr. Fu Manchu; and for Arthur Conan Doyle, Professor James Moriarty, dubbed by Sherlock Holmes “the Napoleon of Crime.” These authors, and others, could not help wondering whether the evil events of their age were being orchestrated by a single conductor.

I think most of you in this audience know who that conductor is.

Where they went wrong, I think, was in attributing all the effects of evil to a single mortal cause–one man, or one organization. But what if it was many individuals, and many organizations large and small, not necessarily working consciously together, but performing similar actions motivated by similar objectives and compatible ideologies?

For instance: can anyone doubt that there are tens of millions of dollars flowing into Australia from all over the world, to support the campaign for a “Yes” vote on same-sex pseudomarriage? It doesn’t all have to come from the same source. Organized Sodomy has movers and donors all over Europe and America. Of course they’re going to want to branch out to Australia.

I am coming to believe that, by the inspiration of Satan, there is a conscious, purposeful, directed campaign for evil in this world today, whose goal is to erase Christianity and to destroy the family, leaving no effective barrier between the individual and the all-devouring state. I believe that all this stuff that we’re seeing in this century–the transgender movement, Antifa, Occupy, the universities’ expressed hatred of white people, the activities of the Democrat Party and their GOP minions in Congress, militant atheism and all the rest of it–is all part of a concerted effort ultimately tracing back to… well, Satan. Because that’s where it all comes from, in the end.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…    —St. Paul (Ephesians 6:12)

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  1. An insightful, and in my opinion, very accurate observation. Satan wants to derail our Creator’s purposes any way possible. It can be in the form of some self-important, pop-star scientist blathering on about macro evolution, a group that promotes sexual practices which diverge from the standards found in scripture, or any number of other causes, all of which detract from the order that the One True God put into place at the very beginning.

    These are interesting, yet perilous, times.

  2. Satan has always been behind human efforts to destroy God’s kingdom. But he finds some pretty powerful human puppets to do his work.

    A serpent once helped out, too, but that was when there were only two humans for Satan to work with, so he had to do some outsourcing.

  3. All remarks are pertinent. It keeps us (or should) on our knees, and as
    II Corinthians directs, examining ourselves to make sure we stay clear of
    all the evil around us and on the right path lest we be deceived, caught up
    in the web of the deceiver.

  4. I believe what we are seeing has prophetic implications, and it will get worse before it gets better. But its always darkest before the dawn. We know how this story ends, God wins in the end.

  5. In my morning systematic reading of the Bible today I read Revelation 2:12-13 where Jesus says Satan lives in Pergamum. Jesus also was often saying He lived in an evil and adulterous generation. Seems like history repeats itself, or like Malcolm Muggeridge was fond of saying, “All news is old news happening to new people.”

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