Scanning the News (Plus a Hymn)

I’m feeling kind of out of sorts today, and I scanned a couple of news sites to see if there was anything I ought to write about.

But there was nothing there–just more of the same old fallen world stuff. Democrat tantrums. The Swamp resists being drained. Spain on the brink of civil war. Elizabeth Warren, taking a break from her ongoing pretense of being some kind of Cherokee princess, accuses one of her law school professors of sexually assaulting her, way back when. The man died 20 years ago.

And lots of really dirty, porny stuff floating around in the culture: all-new Virtual Reality porn! We do take pride in our inventiveness.

So I thought I’d post another hymn instead, because these days, if you really want good news, you’re only going to find it in Jesus Christ Our Savior.

My Jesus, I Love Thee: written in 1846, sung by the Sharon Singers of the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute.

3 comments on “Scanning the News (Plus a Hymn)

  1. You did well in posting another good, old hymn instead of the trash they
    are trying to force feed us. We do want to keep on top of what is going on
    as it reflects on the lateness of the time, but only the things of God are

  2. Today our church put on a Reformation Day celebration. We had different rooms you went to where you heard about the life and times of Martin Luther. It was very inspiring. We visited Luther’s boyhood school, Terzel, who tried to sell us indulgences, Frederic the Wise, Martin & Katherine at their home (he had several pet names for her like “my empress”. Also, she kept the books & managed the money), the choir room (Luther is the one who began congregational singing), the printing press with actual type sets like those used by Gutenberg, and the home of Luther’s parents who disciplined him for stealing some nuts so Martin ran away from home for three days.

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