Paganizing the Culture

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The false god Baal

It truly pains me to write this.

My hometown, where I’ve lived all my life, is being rapidly transformed into a leftid colony of high taxes and low character. We’ve got an Organized Sodomy flag flying on every other lawn, a frantic program of rapid urbanization, of tearing down everything that has any history, of paving over every square inch of green, of cramming the maximum number of people into the minimum amount of space. Our politicians can’t wait to turn it into a mini-“sanctuary city,” although first they have to turn it into a city. Meanwhile, idiots write letters to the local paper, which are published, lamenting the fact that some unenlightened people in this pwogwessive town still use those hateful and un-inclusive pronouns, “he” and “she.”

Several years ago our annual Christmas parade was replaced by a “Winter Festival.” Hail, Baal. And this year the theme of our glorious Winter Festival will be “Strength Through Diversity.” You could just heave.

Would it do any good to mention that all this leftist horse**** makes me feel… well, unsafe? Nah. A sanctuary city means sanctuary for everybody but Americans. I’ve lived here all my life, so I don’t count.

Maybe I should go down to that shop on Main Street–a lot of our stores are boarded up because the taxes drove out business–where they teach you how to contact your Animal Spirit Guide for good advice and handy household tips.

I don’t want no stinkin’ Winter Festival. I don’t like it when they call everyone who doesn’t agree with them Haters and Biggits and enemies of The People. I don’t like the way they always twist “diversity” around to mean strict uniformity of opinion, imposed by coercive force.

Where’s Elijah when you need him?

10 comments on “Paganizing the Culture

  1. It sometimes seems like an apocalyptic novel unfolding, doesn’t it? But this is when the believers must stand fast.

    I wish our bishops (and other church leaders) would stop talking about religious liberty and start talking about loyalty to Christ. Then Christians might have a better idea of what religion they’re supposed to have the liberty to practice, and why they should continue to believe in it, let alone practice it.

    1. Well, with St. Luke’s Church, just down the block, hosting Sufi dancers and a mandala contest, I don’t have much confidence in our churches.

    1. As well as religious persecution – every religious leader is A-Okay with the masses, unless of course it’s Jesus, our Messiah. Upside down, lawless, satanic world we live in – the end is near, praise God!

  2. I also feel similarly to the other commentators above. I grieve over the the churches that are now paying homage to other gods in that they open their doors for many esoteric groups to use their facilities. Probably these churches are needing the rent money. But when they allow for yoga, Eastern meditation, and exotic focus groups to use the space, they are, in a way, encouraging others to seek these other so-called ways of reaching God. They are not heeding Christ’s command to preach the Gospel, baptizing, and making disciples. Those church buildings are expensive to maintain but the church clings to them which is often the case because the buildings have been a huge part of the church members’ lives. What they’ve forgotten is that the church is not the building.

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