Teacher Dismayed: Christianity Losing Out to Paganism?

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Really, we’re not there yet

A Catholic priest turned history teacher at Columbia University thinks America is losing its Christianity and turning pagan (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/dec/30/faith-in-us-withers-as-apathy-trumps-religion/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=TWTnews2332861&fbclid=IwAR36EINYc021DJnxjnx8jTqg3bvfSjB2pkg8MRtk2YCGgulX_D4HQYMc5GQ).

He bases this on several factors: a) his students’ ignorance of the Bible, b) church attendance dropping, nationwide, in various denominations, and c) what appears to him to be total apathy towards religion among his students and most other people at Columbia.

“But what went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment?”

Has this man forgotten where he is? Columbia University. The heart of darkness. The belly of the beast. Dude, Republicans exist in the tens of millions–but good luck finding any at Columbia. Ditto Biblically-literate Christians. Heck, you’re lucky if you find those in a seminary!

Besides which–and I speak from personal experience–how many twentysomethings are all that interested in “religion”? They’re mostly interested in themselves. It can take a long time to grow out of that.

He also seems to be conflating “no church membership” with “no belief in Christianity.” They are two very different things. This guy needs to get out more.

People are leaving liberal denominations in droves–the Presbyterian Church USA, for example. They leave those liberal churches not because they’ve lost their Christian faith, but because they want to keep it.

If you must go to a place like Columbia, go to reclaim ground for Christ. Too much has been ceded to the enemy.


‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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Short answer: No.

The Perky Publicist is always after me to review books that I wouldn’t read even if I knew I was going to live forever and probably run out of books someday. Like for instance:


Question: How did the country which squanders more money on “education” than any civilization in all of history wind up with heaven knows how many people believing in past lives?

Yoo-hoo, churches! Did you not hear the alarm bell go off?

Paganizing the Culture

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The false god Baal

It truly pains me to write this.

My hometown, where I’ve lived all my life, is being rapidly transformed into a leftid colony of high taxes and low character. We’ve got an Organized Sodomy flag flying on every other lawn, a frantic program of rapid urbanization, of tearing down everything that has any history, of paving over every square inch of green, of cramming the maximum number of people into the minimum amount of space. Our politicians can’t wait to turn it into a mini-“sanctuary city,” although first they have to turn it into a city. Meanwhile, idiots write letters to the local paper, which are published, lamenting the fact that some unenlightened people in this pwogwessive town still use those hateful and un-inclusive pronouns, “he” and “she.”

Several years ago our annual Christmas parade was replaced by a “Winter Festival.” Hail, Baal. And this year the theme of our glorious Winter Festival will be “Strength Through Diversity.” You could just heave.

Would it do any good to mention that all this leftist horse**** makes me feel… well, unsafe? Nah. A sanctuary city means sanctuary for everybody but Americans. I’ve lived here all my life, so I don’t count.

Maybe I should go down to that shop on Main Street–a lot of our stores are boarded up because the taxes drove out business–where they teach you how to contact your Animal Spirit Guide for good advice and handy household tips.

I don’t want no stinkin’ Winter Festival. I don’t like it when they call everyone who doesn’t agree with them Haters and Biggits and enemies of The People. I don’t like the way they always twist “diversity” around to mean strict uniformity of opinion, imposed by coercive force.

Where’s Elijah when you need him?

Threatening Your Neighbor… With Dolls

When people in a Christian country actually start doing pagan things, that’s a sign of cultural decay.

Here’s a shiny new example from my own neck of the woods: a woman was arrested and charged with harassing her neighbor by planting dolls–yes, dolls–with “vulgar writings” on them, “at or near the victim’s residence on three separate occasions,” to quote the police report ( http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/local/middlesex-county/2015/11/27/elizabeth-man-arrested-alleged-woodbridge-carjacking/76393680/ ). [Note: to find this item, scroll down to where it says “Dunellen.”]

Would you find that menacing? We are not told whether the dolls in question were, well, voodoo dolls, used to put a curse on someone. Just that the dolls had “vulgar writings” on them.

Oh, churches! Yoo-hoo, wakey-wakey… Could you take a little time off deciding what kind of espresso machine to order for your lounge, and devote a few moments to the state of Christianity in today’s America? Pastors, do you have anyone in your congregation who might be into voodoo dolls–and yet still consider herself a Christian in good standing?

I have no idea what it’ll take to wake the churches.

Christians’ Letters to the Volcano Goddess

Gee, I wish this weren’t true.

At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there’s a legend that, if you remove anything from the park and take it with you–say, a nice chunk of lava, as a souvenir–the volcano goddess Pele will be terribly angry and take painful vengeance on you ( http://www.thehawaiiplan.com/is-the-lava-rock-curse-real/ ). This prompts a lot of tourists to mail their souvenirs back to Hawaii, along with letters of apology to the goddess.

This has been going on for many years. The park visitors’ center used to have a display of agonized letters from repentant tourists, but that has been discontinued.

The letters are from real people who had really suffered–and thought the reason for it was the anger of a pagan goddess. “Dear Goddess Pele, I am SO SORRY that I took that rock! Ever since then I’ve had nothing but bad luck! My husband divorced me/ our car blew up for no reason/ my kid’s dog ran away/ our son voted for Obama/ my father-in-law fell off the roof…”

I’m not making it up. People believe that this volcano goddess is real, and has the will and the power to reach across the Pacific into Ohio or Illinois and mangle the lives of those who have offended her.

What does that say for the job done by our churches? You go to Sunday school as a child and then you go to church, and yet you sin against the real God without thinking twice about it. You would never write a letter of apology to God.

But people go to the trouble and the expense of mailing heavy rocks all the way back to Hawaii, along with abject letters to a pagan goddess begging her to forgive them and to lift her curse.

What does that say about our churches?