Moron Noozie Wants Death Penalty… for Man Already Dead

What do you have to do, to get a job “contributing” both to MSNBC and The Wall Street Journal?

Take out your brain. Have someone stomp on it real hard for 15 minutes. Soak it overnight in a jug of stagnant water. Whatever is left, put it in a Cuisinart for 20 minutes. Then stick a funnel in your ear and pour the mess back in.

One such noozie, the other night, wanted to know why President Trump didn’t call for the death penalty for the Last Vegas shooter. Babbled the brain-dead noozie, the president displayed “ethnocentric nationalism” (uh, nationalism by definition is always ethnocentric: but you wouldn’t expect a noozie to know that)… “He did not react this way,” recommending the death penalty for the Muslim murderer who killed people in New York by running them down with a truck, “when a white person shot dozens of people in Las Vegas.” (Original Article)

At some point in time somebody must have reminded this schmendrick that you really couldn’t apply the death penalty to the Vegas shooter because he was, like, already dead. I can just imagine the puzzled look on his face. “Uh… you mean he can’t get the death penalty? How’s that again?”

Ah, well, you know how it is. Ignorant, bigoted, left-wing-biased noozies are so eager to call our president–he beat Hillary, dude–a racist, they don’t care how far they have to stretch it.

Should we as a society really, truly be getting our news from persons this stupid?

11 comments on “Moron Noozie Wants Death Penalty… for Man Already Dead

  1. “Should we as a society really, truly be getting our news from persons this stupid?”

    NO! You don’t have to watch TV news, buy newspapers or go to any particular Internet news source, not ever! I wouldn’t even know the names of the local TV stations news people, and yet I live.

    One thing I simply cannot understand is why people continue to watch TV. The content is garbage, the vast majority of TV news is biased. Vote with your remote and shut the damned thing OFF!

    1. And how many people think Donald Trump’s a “racist” because “it said so in the news”?

    2. I find Lou Dobbs, Tudker Carlson, Sean Hannity, & Laura Ingraham worth watching for news because they all have a conservative Christian worldview. I see where Ingraham’s new show “The Angle” is being panned as too Catholic.

      Great sarcasm about the concoction for the brains of Leftids, Lee – their ignorance knows no bounds.

  2. Now, now, be fair. This noozie doesn’t really think Trump can raise the dead to life in order to demand the death penalty for them. No, I suspect these noozies simply can’t read or hear very well. They’re attuned to select words (“gun,” “shoot,” etc.), and they don’t pay attention to surrounding words. “Dead” is merely a word that indicates gun violence and the need to ban guns (even if the weapon was a knife or truck or pressure cooker), and it always applies to the victims of the evil guns (even if they were knives, trucks, etc.), never to the person who used the evil guns — unless that person was of politically correct pigmentation or ethnicity, when the whole event becomes an example of racism and the killer becomes the victim, at which time the weapon becomes irrelevant.

    See how simple that is? It only sounds complicated because we aren’t smart enough to be noozies.

  3. The day after the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, *Batteries Not Included Obama tweets how we need gun control. Such a visceral display of empathy for the victims’ families (one family lost eight members).

    1. Didn’t this creep break a lot of existing gun laws, to do what he did? But Democrats wish to disarm the law-abiding population so that only their own voter base has guns.

  4. I find it difficult to believe that anywhere in Texas, including a church, that there wasn’t someone with a gun. Something smells.

    1. That’s a different incident. This bumbling noozie was trying to compare the president’s reaction to the New York Muslim terrorist to his reaction to the psycho in Las Vegas. He was under a compulsion to call Mr. Trump a racist no matter what he said or did.

    2. Oh, okay. Thanks, Lee. There are so many things going on, it’s hard to keep track of them. And I’m trying to catch up with life – been down with a miserable flu bug or something.

    3. Thank you so much, Lee. I truly appreciate that. You and your family are in mine as well. (and also our little “Lee’s Blog” family too).

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