Cranky Critters

Sometimes you just can’t please a dog or cat. Doesn’t this video make you glad you don’t have huskies? Anyway, who knows what these critters want? They’ve got a mood on, and there’s no getting it off.

6 comments on “Cranky Critters

  1. By the way, Lee, I’m not sure If anyone else is having the issue, but things have gone kafflooey again. Have to highlight the post and fill in my information to make comments. Sheesh! (This has happened since Patty fixed your text size)

    1. And now things are back to normal, (except for WordPress not retaining personal information) UGH! Computers!

    2. For a few minutes there this evening, they were back to the barely visible blue letters on the grey background. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me… uh, reacting. My web master fixed it in a few minutes.
      Also most of my comments have disappeared into limbo.
      Jill says it’s WordPress playing around with “new improved” stuff–at the users’ expense, of course.

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