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Just so you know I’m not just fatzing around today (as they say in Ninneburky), let me tell ya. Blog posts, edit huge Chalcedon article about economics (requiring duct tape around head), Newswithviews column, recycling center, a trip to the store, type up another chapter of The Temptation (which is hard to read because of cold days when the ink wouldn’t flow smoothly from the pen)–do you wonder why I never got around to another installment of Oy, Rodney? Now I’m a bit too tuckered out to try.

I’ve just got to get this book finished. Somehow! I had hoped to get it done this week.

I’ll try to deliver a cat video this evening. Signing off for now…

2 comments on “Huff-Puff-Puff!

  1. Sounds like my life. Right now I have several big things going on and every one of them involves me waiting for someone else. In many cases, the people I am waiting on are themselves waiting for someone else. Meanwhile, I’m pacing a lot.

  2. An Arkansas response would be “You’re running out of gas.” Others might say, “You are expecting too much from yourself.” Scripture says, “Those that wait upon the LORD will renew their strength.” Plus, you have the prayers of the blog family lifting you up in prayer!

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