Can You Read This?

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I’m only asking because here at my end, the text of my blog posts is so small as to make it difficult to read. Patty and I have to take our glasses off to read it.

If you’re having the same problem at your end, please let me know–so I can steel myself for another marathon session with the WordPress engineers. *Sigh*

10 comments on “Can You Read This?

  1. I hate to be the bearer of unwelcome news, Lee, but the text in your blog posts and the text in our comments has been very small since WordPress ‘fixed’ the problems last week.

    Also, I’d like to ask for prayer for Michael again. He had a cancer removed from his ear yesterday and the bleeding won’t stop (they really mangled his ear and we are forbidden to take the bandages off for now). He’s in substantial pain and I’m becoming concerned about the blood loss. As we all know, the medical profession leaves much to be desired these days and are not at all helpful. Thank you everyone.

  2. The print is smaller than it used to be, but (praise be to God!) even my old-lady eyes can read it fairly easily. The typeface has changed, too, and actually I kind of prefer the new Roman face to the sans serif. But yes, slightly bigger would be nice for us Old Folks. I’m just leery of what will go wrong next time WordPress does a “fix.” 😉

  3. Hi Lee,

    Sorry you are having so many technical difficulties. They can sure eat up your day. I’m sure there must be good reasons why you stick with WordPress, but I have been using Microsoft Word forever and have never had such problems.


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