Some Thoughts on Roy Moore

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I don’t want to rehash any of the rubbish floating around the nooze media today, but something ought to be said.

I have interviewed Judge Roy Moore twice. He grew up in poverty whose like I have never seen, and rose to become chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. He lost that position, and was nationally pilloried, because he stood up for the Ten Commandments. Now he’s running for the Senate, and has been bombarded with allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to the 1970s.

The American people want the Swamp, Washington D.C., drained. The Swamp does not want to be drained and is fighting desperately, and fighting dirty, to defend itself. To that end, the whole Swamp power structure has piled onto Roy Moore–even threatening to deny him his seat if he wins the election.

Question: What has happened to all the defenses used so successfully by Democrats when it was one of their own, Bill Clinton, credibly accused of a multitude of sexual offenses? “It’s only sex, it doesn’t affect how he does his job.” “Everybody does it.” “It wasn’t really sex.” “It’s in the past, let’s just move on.” Why do none of these apply to Judge Moore?

They say the man known as “the Ten Commandments Judge” will lower the moral tone of that tower of virtue, the U.S. Senate. Well, if Ted Kennedy couldn’t do that, it can’t be done. The hypocrisy is deafening.

Question: What are they afraid of? What do they think Roy Moore, one man, with the whole Washington power elite arrayed against him, will do to them if he makes it to the Senate? Because they are afraid. I’ve never seen them running so scared. It borders on hysteria.

As to the charges made against him, I have yet to find any reason to believe them. Nor have I any reason at all to believe any charges made against anyone by such a collection of reprobates, thieves, liars, simpletons, bribe-takers, and left-wing zealots.

Think Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd doing the waitress sandwich. Think of the whole crowd extolling Ted Kennedy as “the Lion of the Senate.” I wouldn’t believe those people if they told me it was Wednesday.

One thing is sure. It’s Roy Moore versus the Swamp; and if the Swamp wins, we, the American people, lose. We lose big.

I pray for the redemption of my country.



5 comments on “Some Thoughts on Roy Moore

  1. Amen! I couldn’t agree more, Lee. The swamp creatures always try to throw swamp goo all over anyone who has morals, character, and God! Judge Moore stood up for God and the swamp recoils at the idea. Snakes live in swamps.

  2. There is no proof of their allegations. There is no evidence. And every day, another claim is proven false, I just read that it’s been proven that on one of the “documents” being used to slander Moore, his signature was forged. I also read an article by someone who was with Moore during the time he was supposed to be committing this BS and he said Moore was no where near the town at the time alleged. Another paid whore admitted she was paid. Another one admitted working for hillary and the DNC. Again, this is another bait and switch tactic of the DNC, hillary and fakestream media, straight out of Alinsky’s handbook. ROY MOORE FOR SENATE – the future of America’s sovereignty and the freedoms of the American people depend on it. In fact, this leftard cr*p isn’t even about Moore and Trump. It’s about the Deep State coup to bring America into the NWO, by all means and there’s nothing at all the swamp creatures wouldn’t do to achieve their agenda.

  3. My wife & I do not believe these accusers of Judge Moore. Where were they when he ran for other state-wide elections? To all come out the last month before the election is so telling. The Bible says we are allowed to face our accusers and that there has to be two or three witnesses to confirm the charges being brought.

  4. I don’t claim any inside information about Moore, but the allegations do not seem consistent with the values he upholds. If this were Mr. Clinton, there wouldn’t be much, if any coverage for these allegations.

  5. I totally agree with every comment by each of you. I am praying for Mr. Moore, and praying that every bit of truth will come out. Facing one’s accuser in court is absolutely right on. We had better insist that the law of the land be followed and not the salacious heresay being thrown out so loosely. We the people (real people) are totally fed up with this nonsense.

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