Can You Even See This?

WordPress is really socking it to me today, and I have no way of knowing whether any of my posts can be read by anyone.

First the news links stopped working. Then the reblogging function. Jano, I reblogged your article, your page tells me it’s been reblogged, and I can’t find it anywhere here, where it ought to have shown up. And now WordPress has stopped tracking new views.

I wanted to finish writing The Temptation today so my editor can tell me whether it turned out all right. I wanted to check in with Joe Collidge.

So far, no go.

And meanwhile they’ve carted Aunt Joan off to the hospital with a fever, so please pray that that turns out all right. Amen.

16 comments on “Can You Even See This?

  1. Prayers here for your Aunt Joan, and for you, and for all of us in your blogging family. It is like a family after a while, isn’t it?

    Are you sure WordPress doesn’t have Joe Collidge “working” for them?

  2. As Phoebe said, prayers for your Aunt Joan and for you and your family (and all of us, your e-family).

    WordPress seems to be having a few issues these days. For the moment, the blogs are readable (they were not a couple days abo), but they’re still not retaining personal information – email address and name – so it must be typed in for each comment. Last night I was even relegated to the “comment review” section once.

  3. weird things are going on with others than yours, but hopefully it will all straighten out. I am praying for your family and Linda’s husband, and I
    am sure our heavenly Father is taking care of it all.

    1. It’s really annoying when the news links don’t work.
      Thanks for your prayers, Erlene.

  4. Prayers for the Duigon family.
    Today I turned on my computer and no cursor arrow on the screen, so I am having to use my iPad – yuck. That means having to put my info on site to comment.

    1. If a human employee was as unreliable and erratic as a computer, he’d get fired.

    2. Only, if the truth be known, it would be Artificial Stupidity, not intelligence. Ain’t we already got enough natural-born stupidity?

  5. For what little it’s worth, I have received zero notifications from your blog today. Until just a few minutes ago, I assumed that you had taken the day off or were facing technical problems.

    1. This is getting to be quite disheartening. I work hard on this blog, it perplexes me when my readership goes down, and then I find out it’s all this screwing-around by WordPress, one damn thing after another. Every time one problem gets fixed, two more take its place. And I’m totally defenseless: I just can’t learn all this computer stuff, I’d have to live another hundred years to learn enough to do me any good.

  6. It would be interesting to find out how many other WordPress bloggers are having issues. It’s too bad they decided to putz around with something that wasn’t broken to begin with. Frustrating.

  7. Mirabile dictu, everything seems to be working this morning — visibility, notifications, and all (but still sluggish at uploading comments). However, it’s only 4:00am as I’m writing, so maybe WordPress saves its practical jokes for later in the day when it knows there are more people around to exasperate. 🙂

    1. Everything except the news links–they’re still down–and the reblogging function.

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