Here’s What They’ve Done to Me Today

WordPress has really gone to town on me today. I’m surprised there’s anything left of this blog. Here’s what they’d hit me with, just today.

News links don’t link to anything.

Reblogging feature doesn’t work.

Blog followers aren’t getting notified when new posts go up.

And other things are going on at the readers’ end to make communication more difficult.

My readership is down and my blood pressure is up. Every time one problem is solved, two more take its place.

And Congress isn’t even running this mess.

8 comments on “Here’s What They’ve Done to Me Today

  1. This must be so frustrating, Lee, especially since the whole mess is completely out of your hands. We’re praying that the gremlins be removed and your pressure comes down. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

  2. Well, at least I got the daily digest.

    Speaking from a lot of experience in dealing with tech companies messing things up, let me offer some advice.

    While this affects you, it’s their problem, not yours. If it’s happening to you, it’s happening to everyone using WordPress and they will have to fix it, or lose their business; that is the only two choices they have. Hopefully, whoever runs that Turkey Shoot will realize this and take corrective action.

    Either way, the key to dealing with this is to continually remind yourself that it is out of your hands: period. Nothing you do will affect the outcome. It’s frustrating and unfair, but you’re a spectator you can’t control what WordPress does.

    There are two possible outcomes, either WordPress will restore their service to your satisfaction, or they won’t. If they do, then move forward and things will find their way back to normal. If they don’t then you’ll have to find some other solution (and there are plenty). For the time being, don’t invest any time in thinking about what those other solutions might be, you haven’t gotten to that point yet. Think only about th8ngs that are directly within your influence.

    I’m going through a tech issue right now with two of the biggest players in the business, Apple and Cisco Systems. Neither has been of any assistance whatsoever. I can only spectate. I’m not happy, but recognizing that I am a mere spectator keeps my blood pressure at a reasonable level.

    You will survive and you will find a way past all of this. Your business will survive and you will have a way of reaching your readers. You found this solution, you’ll find another, if it comes to that.

    Chances are, this matter will be resolved. WordPress gets money from a lot of people and if they fail to deliver that will hit them in the pocketbook. They have every reason to fix this mess, but it could take a while before they read the handwriting on the wall. Sit tight and watch. It’s not fun, but you are a spectator in their saga.

    1. Thank you, kimosabe, that’s just what my wife’s been telling me. I think I’ll take a bike ride this morning instead of sitting there for hours with the Happiness Engineers.

    2. Don’t feel bad, Lee. It’s a difficult place to be, and very frustrating, when you don’t understand something. I’m clueless when it comes to anything technical, which is why my cousin used to call me a ‘dufus’ lol.

  3. I just got back from the Geek Squad because the cursor arrow on my computer disappeared so I couldn’t even log in. Well, they hook it up and it works fine. They say the arrow never disappears so they think I am an idiot. Oh well, glad it is working now, and that I got a refund on the adapter the sales lady said I needed which I didn’t. As far as WordPress goes, I guess you get what you pay for. I know Dr. Gary North recommends WordPress as a source that can be depended on long term (also, YouTube).

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