This Cat Learns Fast

Watch how quickly this cat adapts to a bizarre addition to his environment–a radio-controlled toy dinosaur. It freaks him out at first. Of course it does! What do cats know from robots? (Our old family dog, Rags, would’ve had this thing in bits and pieces before you could scream, “No, no, that’s expensive!” And then he would’ve smirked.)

I can’t say for sure that the cat figures out that the dinosaur is not, in fact, alive, even if it moves and sounds like something that’s alive. But he does figure out it can’t hurt him.

Cats are smart; and if they had hands, we’d be in trouble.


8 comments on “This Cat Learns Fast

  1. Lots of body language from that kitty! 🙂 And the noise made by the dino-robot sounded a lot like a cat hissing!

  2. It seems like the cat was more interested in playing after it figured out that the Dino was not going to harm him. I’m pretty certain that rolling on its back is an invitation to play.

    1. Right you are, Unknowable. When a cat presents you with it’s exposed belly – a most vulnerable part – that’s proclaiming trust.

    2. It would seem so, and why not? There probably were many of a friendly variety. After all, cats a quite a good judge of character. 🙂

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