WordPress Foul-Up No. 109,272

When a little kitten chases its tail, it’s cute and funny. When a 68-year-old man does it, they begin measuring him for a rubber room.

I just knew this day could not go by without WordPress coming up with yet another stupid problem. And this one’s a beauty.

They’ve got me a new follower for my blog. Me. Yeah, I’m listed as a follower of my own blog. I lead it and follow it at the same time. No wonder I’m confused. No wonder my readership is down. Who wants to read someone that egotistical?

Wait’ll these geniuses find out that the Indus Valley Script has never been deciphered. That’ll be next. Re-do all the posts in Indus Valley Script. Ain’t it fun to run a tech company?

7 comments on “WordPress Foul-Up No. 109,272

  1. The kitty is adorable – WordPress, not so much. You remain in my prayers, Lee, along with all your family. I’m sure your frustration level is through the roof. It’s rather a funny picture to try to conjure up in one’s mind though – leading and following yourself at the same time. What a feat! I wonder if Guinness is paying attention 🙂

    1. What makes it particularly galling is that I was heading, at a good speed, for my first 7,000-hit month ever, but over these past four days, viewership is down to less than half of what it had been for several weeks. And of course I have no idea why. If it was because of something I did, or neglected to do, I could fix it. But if it’s because of WordPress’ shenanigans, I’m just stuck with it.

    2. Gremlins couldn’t be much worse. Not all techies are created equal – someone was last in the class. I just hope those aren’t the ones at WordPress working on your issues. .

  2. Courage, Brother. I know it is not encouraging, but I do believe things will only get worse before the get better. Every way I turn, screw-ups on every hand. The same is true for all my family members and friends. It is so incredible, if it were not so disgusting and inconvenient, it would almost be
    laughable. (I am not laughing, though. ) Everything from making an appliance purchase, critical appointment with a surgeon, being able to rent a moving truck and on it goes without stopping.

  3. And I’m no longer able to be notified of new posts. I’ve tried to find where to follow the blog, but I don’t see a way to do it. Every time I answer a post, I get an email from WordPress asking me to confirm that want to follow.

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